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Cognigen – All Natural Brain Booster – Fruit For Thought

Cognigen – All Natural Brain Booster – Fruit For Thought

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|  Doctor Reveals a 7-Second ‘Brain Booster’ to Support a Healthy Brain  | 

Are you like the thousands of the people who turned to Doctor Moser because they were worried about their loved one’s aging brain? 

Too many people face the same story. 

Now there is a product to support brain health better than ever before!

Lisa had been worried about her husband Jeff for a while now. Which is why she came in to see me.

She had been second-guessing herself about whether Jeff was experiencing ‘normal’ aging or if it’s worse than normal aging. 

What is normal and what is not? Either way he seemed… DIFFERENT.  

For instance, Lisa told me how recently Jeff wasn’t just forgetting little things like where he put his phone or why he came into a certain room. 

He had always been one to lose things.

Lisa explained that it was something MORE than that.

Sometimes it’s a simple word or phrase he couldn’t quite put his finger on… 

Fumbling on his words just isn’t the Jeff she knew

Or sometimes he finds it difficult to remember things that they had planned that day.

Lisa noticing these things more and didn’t know what to do, which is ultimately why Lisa and Jeff came to visit me. 

(I shared exactly how I’ve helped thousands support a healthy brain as they go through the natural aging process , and I’ll share it with you here too soon. So stay with me…)

Lisa continued to give me examples that matched the stories that other wives had told me in their appointments with their husbands. 

Another example was how Jeff used to love to cook and PRIDED himself on being a gourmet chef. 

Over the years, all of Lisa’s friends would tell her how lucky she was to have a husband who knows his way around the kitchen. 

She knew how lucky she was. 

They had the best time cooking and hosting together. 

She missed him. She missed those days and how he used to be.







he used 

to be.

These days it seems like it would be a challenge for him to make a simple dinner at home.

There are too many steps and he seems to get lost in them. 

They only get see their kids a few of times each year…

No reason to ruin the holidays with worry.

But Lisa misses Jeff. 

She misses how he used to be excited to tackle complicated recipes from the French Laundry Cookbook.  

She misses how he used to feed the dogs freshly shredded chicken each night. 

And she misses how sharp he used to be. 

Even the dogs missed the “old” Jeff…

…Which is why both Jeff and Lisa are sitting in my office. 

After listening to Lisa and Jeff share the changes that had been getting worse with Jeff, I knew right away that it was because of his brain.

“Lisa, can you tell me anything else about Jeff’s brain health you’re worried about?” 

“It’s a million different little things…

But he’s not SHARP like he normally is.

Here’s an example that puts the whole thing into perspective… 

Jeff is a great storyteller, especially funny ones! Whenever we used to go out to dinner with our friends, he’d be the life of the party telling his great stories. It really is a gift of his.

But I’ve noticed recently that he’s struggling to pull the right words out. 

It’s just not normal for Jeff to stumble on his words like that. 

I find that I have to help him through the story and remind him of what he is trying to say… 

I know that it’s frustrating for him. But I can’t do anything about it. 

At the same time, Lisa couldn’t imagine her life without Jeff. He is Lisa’s rock. Her love. Her biggest supporter.

And although Lisa is aware that they’re both in their 60s and aging…

… She’s been proactive in keeping them both healthy. 

Taking a morning walk, playing golf a few times a month, and spending the evenings playing cards or doing puzzles instead of sitting in front of the TV. 

In a way, Lisa feels responsible for both of their health and nothing has seemed to help, which makes Lisa feel like a failure.  

But little did Jeff and Lisa know that I deal with these cases every single day. 

And there’s a secret 7-second brain booster that has helped thousands of people stay sharp by: 

  • Improving their mental clarity and ability to focus… 
  • Thinking faster during conversations… 
  • Staying alert throughout the day… 
  • Recalling memories they haven’t thought about in years…
  • Being present in situations…

I’ll share more about this new brain discovery in a minute but first let me introduce myself. 

Hi, my name is Doctor Philippe Moser, and Lisa and Jeff’s story is one I hear all the time. In fact, it motivates me everyday to do the work I do and help as many people as possible!

Here’s a little bit about my background…

  • Earned my degree in Pharmacology from University of Montpellier
  • Completed residency training in Cardiology – GastroEnterology- Endocrinology-Nephrology – Hepatology – Pneumology – Immunology at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice
  • Designed, assembled and launched one of the first French medical centers consisting of a pharmacy, blood analysis laboratory, MDs, a chiropractor, a dentist, nurses and an optical store
  • Co-inventor of the Atomic Sequential Imaging, a test to gain a deeper understanding of the elements in the body’s chemistry, and to better determine the form of nutritional supplements needed to help regain and maintain a healthy internal, biochemical and nutraceutical environment.
  • Coordinate and perform the “Bio Cellular Decoding” and “Atomic Sequential Imaging”, to properly diagnose and treat patients with chronic and acute health problems.
  • An avid writer, having published 16 books on health, and articles in many magazines and over a dozen peer-reviewed medical publications.

You see over the years, I’ve been studying the brain and this is what happens…

Look, the problem is that…

As we age, our brains shrink.

In fact, after the age of 60, your brain can reportedly shrink nearly 1% every year.

Meaning, by age 70 you could lose 10% of your brain volume. And by 80? That’s over 20%!

According to the Semantic Scholar, “aging results in the death of brain cells as well as a decrease of connections between brain cells.”

It means occasional brain fog and struggling to focus.

And of course, it means a lack of mental clarity. Obviously with aging this is NORMAL, but how can we can we support the cognitive aging process? 

So What Can You Do To Support Your Brain As You Age? 

Is it possible to help your brain health as you get older?

The answer is “YES” according to new findings from one of the nation’s leading medical schools.

They report, “in the process called neurogenesis, brain cells active in the brain’s region responsible for learning, storing long-term memories, and even regulating emotions…

Which means you can help support these key brain functions”.

Today, you can now start the process of supporting healthy brain function with a secret 7-second brain booster. 

In fact, many believe it could be the key to supporting your memory.

Scientists Discover a Protein That Helps You 

Support Healthy Brain Function

Almost all of the medical community is in agreement that there are very few ingredients – man-made OR natural that can impact your brain.

And that’s because, as the body’s most precious asset, it’s vigorously protected. Your blood-brain barrier, abbreviated BBB, is the gateway between your brain and rest of the body.

So, if you want to support your memory, you’ll need to find a way through or around it.

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, abbreviated BDNF, could be the most important protein in the body.

According to Nature, low levels are associated with memory problems like confusion, forgetfulness and fatigue.

However, high levels of BDNF are associated with just the opposite.

When levels of BDNF are HIGH, the memory part of your brain ACTIVATES!  

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, BDNF, could be 

the most important protein in the body for:

MORE mental energy: Feel more alert & on the ball!

FASTER reaction times: Driving is safer!

BOUNDLESS energy: Do more throughout the day!

PEAK concentration: Better focus & attention during conversion!

You remember people, places and things much easier. You’re also more focused and alert.

And that’s because BDNF is the one thing your brain needs to support healthy brain cells.

Better yet, it has also been shown to have a positive affect on sleep, sex, and even body weight.

The study was sponsored by UCLA and results published in the prestigious British Journal of Nutrition.

A single dose of this ingredient boosted levels of BDNF, the protein that helps you

support healthy brain cells —the secret to keeping your memory strong.

This Boosts Your Levels of BDNF 200%

COFFEE FRUIT EXTRACT, is a natural, highly concentrated 

brain boosting nutrient.

This unique extract has been shown to stimulate the production of BDNF sharply, fertilizing brain cells to…

When you’re constantly supporting healthy brain cells, remembering things is so much easier. 

Harvard’s Dr. Amar Sahay, BDNF Expert, calls it the secret to “enhancing your brain”.

Finally, there’s a way you can support healthy brain cells and boost your memory, recall, and learning. 

And it’s inside this new brain-boosting pill… 

Cognigen supports brain health by lighting up and activating the “sleeping” neurons to get your brain working faster and more accurately.

How? Because it contains a key ingredient called Memory Source Plus. 

Memory Source Plus is a concentrated dose of coffee fruit extract that helps you support healthy brain cells — the secret to creating strong memories and retrieving old ones. 

In clinical studies, it’s been shown to boost your BDNF levels by a staggering 200%. 

How does Cognigen do this? 

With its powerfully formulated ingredients…

Made With High-Quality, Carefully Selected Ingredients

These ingredients combined at the right dose will give you natural energy to get you through your day while also supporting several important health functions in your body.

Coffee Fruit is the New Plant Based Support Responsible for Your Morning Joe 

The coffee plant has to be one of nature’s greatest inventions. 

It’s home to the universally loved, caffeine-rich coffee bean, which has all kinds of valuable benefits when you brew it into coffee. 

The specific health-benefiting properties of coffee include being high in antioxidants and magnesium.

But there’s more to the coffee plant than just the beans. There’s also the coffee fruit, which is powerful separate from coffee beans.

In fact, some may say the coffee fruit (or the bright red, cherry-like fruit that wraps around coffee beans) is even more powerful than the beans. 

Why? Because the beans grow inside the fruit which means the fruit is made to protect the beans as they grow! 

In the last few years, researchers have discovered that coffee fruit extract has its own unique set of benefits.

5 Benefits of Coffee Fruit 

1. Energy

Both coffee fruit and coffee beans have in common: both have caffeine, which can provide you with energy. The fruit itself has less caffeine than the beans, so if you’re looking for only a moderate caffeine boost, coffee fruit is the better choice. Because of the lower caffeine content, you’ll have less of a “crash” 

than drinking coffee beans. 

2. Protection 

The coffee fruit itself is high in antioxidants. Studies show the fruit could even be higher in antioxidants than the beans because antioxidants are lost during the roasting process. “Eating a diet of antioxidant-rich foods is so beneficial for your health,” says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN. 

3. Brain Boost

Coffee fruit’s high antioxidant content means that consuming it can be beneficial for your brain. This is because antioxidants help increase blood flow to the brain, which is vital in order for the brain to function properly. “Some preliminary research is indicating that coffee fruit extract may be helpful for protecting cognitive function, especially in older adults with mild mental decline,” Gorin says.

4. Supports the body’s inflammatory response

Consuming coffee fruit extract has also been linked to supporting a healthy 

inflammatory response.  

5. Heart Healthy

Scientific evidence suggests that consuming coffee fruit is also beneficial for your heart health. Numerous studies have shown that coffee fruit can help to support healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels within normal ranges and supports the body’s inflammatory response.

It turns out coffee fruit extract can take your daily cup of joe one step further…

How? By being one of the best fruits you can take for your brain. 

This powerful nootropic (brain-enhancing compound) helps you learn faster, supports healthy brain aging, reduces occasional anxiety, and more.

Plus, the coffee fruit is considered to be a superfood because it is rich in the following nutrients: 

Luckily, Cognigen’s unique, custom-formulated supplement only takes about 7 seconds to add to your daily morning routine.

And the effects can be huge!

 Cognigen May Just Be The Key to Healthy Memory Recall! 

Choose Your Package And Save BIG On 

Your Order of  Cognigen


Cognigen will literally SPARK your brain’s electrical system with incredible power to wake up sleeping neurons and send MORE ACCURATE brain signals faster to every part of your body. 

Why? Because it has the perfect amount of coffee fruit extract that helps you… 

 PROMOTE HEALTHY MEMORY RECALL: Cognigen gives your brain the nutrients it craves, like BDNF, that help you support your cognitive function and stay focused.

 LEARN NEW THINGS: Cognigen improves your ability to learn new things. Take up new hobbies. Try new games and activities. Maybe learn a new language or musical instrument.


ALLEVIATE OCCASIONAL BRAIN FOG: Cognigen helps you go from “foggy-headed” to sharp as a tack, so you’re free to enjoy life…and you feel focused, confident, and razor sharp all day long.


BOOST YOUR MENTAL ENERGY: With Cognigen, you’ll feel your brain “awaken” and now have the mental energy to stay focused and with it.


NOURISH YOUR BRAIN: Cognigen nourishes your brain so that you can stay in control of your mental faculties, and no one ever has to worry about you. 

No Other Coffee Fruit Extract Works As Fast As 

Memory Source Plus!

Typical dried coffee fruit you get in a capsule can’t get through the blood-brain barrier to feed your tired, worn-out brain messengers — the molecule is too big to absorb!

It’s why I made Memory Source Plus the leading ingredient in Cognigen, my most remarkable formula yet.

This coffee fruit extract formulation is unique and can not be found anywhere else online or in stores.

Imagine what you can do in your 70s, 80s and 90s without occasional brain fog stopping you!

You never have to worry again about slipping into occasional brain fog and memory slips. 

Cognigen makes it easy to still be in control of your life — and enjoy every minute of it, too!

“I’ve been struggling with remembering important things and wanted something to help with my memory. I noticed a difference within 3 days. Very happy customer.”

—Ruth Atkins

“I am actually feeling more alert, and finally getting some long put off tasks done! No jitters or any ill effects, so far.”

—Henry Morse

“I’m on my second day, I feel like I can tell a difference already.”

—Phillip Dotson

You Can Live a Long, Active, Healthy, Youthful Life With a Mind 

That Supports You the ENTIRE WAY


“Be The Sharpest Person In The Room!”

“Cognigen can help you be the sharpest person (your age) in the room. It’s formulated to deliver knockout punches to your most troubling brain health concerns. No more forgetting, blanking-out, or losing your train of thought.”

— Dr. Philippe Moser

You Won’t Find This Special Limited Time Offer In Stores or Anywhere Else!

Cognigen is not sold in stores or anywhere else online.  

In fact, it’s only available by ordering from this page!  

Since you’re here on this page now, you will be entitled to substantial discounts and backed by a full money back guarantee. 

For a limited time, you can even receive TWO FREE MONTHS of Cognigen. Which means you get extra bottles of Cognigen to help your loved ones AND you!

Order now to claim your supply! 

– Lock In This Special Online-Only Offer –

Dr. Moser Answers Your Most Asked Questions About Cognigen

Q: How does Cognigen work?

A: Cognigen contains a concentrated form of coffee fruit called Memory Source Plus. Coffee fruit has wowed researchers for years with its ability to boost mental alertness. But unlike the others, this Memory Source Plus boosts a special memory protein in the brain called BDNF which helps you support a healthy brain function, the key to supporting healthy memory.

Q: How can I get Cognigen at a good price?

A: Cognigen is not sold in stores or anywhere else online. In fact, it’s only available by ordering from this page. Since you’re here on this page now, you will be entitled to substantial discounts and backed by a full money back guarantee. Order now to claim your supply.

Q: Do you have a refund policy? 

A: Yes! Here at All Health Labs, we still cling to the old fashioned notion that you should never

pay for something if it doesn’t work wonders for you. If Cognigen doesn’t work for you — you pay nothing. Just send back the empty bottles within 90 days, and we’ll refund every penny you paid (minus S&H).

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For Product Support, please contact the seller HERE. 

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