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Bomb ass weed

Categories: Growers
Ad Locations: USA
Currency: $
Condition: New
Warranty: No


Categories: Growers
Ad Locations: USA
Tags: gqclones
Currency: $
Condition: New
Type: Sell
Warranty: No

GQ Apple Fritter

Product type: simple
Product visibility: featured, rated-5
Product categories: Cultivation, Products
Product shipping classes: ken-4


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DabPress: Affordable Prices, High Quality Products

DabPress: Affordable Prices, High Quality Products

We are pleased to announce that DabPress are 420 Magazine’s Sponsor of the Month! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world.

Dabpress Technologies, founded in 2016, is a China-based factory focusing on the design and production of Rosin Presses, Rosin Press Plates Kit, Rosin Filter Bags, Dab Tools and other innovative accessories.

With the best affordable price, high-quality products and great customer service, DabPress are trusted by more and more clients since they always take care of customers’ needs and requirements.

A good reputation has not stopped them trying to improve quality and service because they know their competitors are following close behind. Excellent customer experience is the first thing they bear in mind. It pushes them to become better and better.

“Rosin your life!” is the DabPress mantra. Their designers and engineers continue to create innovative products of the highest quality, with presses and accessories that are simply great value for money.

Safety is vital in the production of their products. To ensure that everyone can press happily and in complete safety, they also sell innovative tools and accessories as well as putting each product through a rigorous testing process.

Dabpress always try to improve quality continuously and offer innovated products to the rosineers based on the needs of rosineers!

With a DabPress, you can be sure of efficient and reliable pressing with a quality piece of kit for many years.


820 Arizona Avenue
Suite 155
Trinidad, CO 81082-2116

Telephone: 719-214-2100

Email: support@dabpress.com

Website: DabPress

For 420 Magazine to continue offering our free service we rely on like-minded sponsors such as DabPress, to whom we are truly grateful. Please support our Mission by supporting them. Our sponsors make 420 Magazine possible.

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