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Gorilla Butter strain

Gorilla Butter strain

*No gorillas were harmed in the making of this review. 

Fresh Coast Seed Company is the original breeder behind the Gorilla Butter strain. 

Despite being a relatively new kid on the block, it’s already built a loyal following. 

Indica / SativaIndoor yieldOutdoor yieldFlowering period50%-50%1 – 2 oz/ft²10 – 15 oz/plant55 – 61 days

Also known as Gorilla Butter F2 #12 or Monkey Butter, the Gorilla Butter strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa and 50% indica) bred by crossing Peanut Butter Breath with GG4 strain. 

Information about Gorilla Butter strain

Gorilla Butter strain yieldGG4 feminized seedsGorilla Butter strain THC contentGorilla Butter strain effectsGorilla Butter strain fragrance Gorilla Butter strain flavorGorilla Butter strain adverse reactionsGrowing Gorilla Butter strainGorilla Butter strain flowering timeGorilla Butter strain geneticsFAQs about Gorilla Butter strainIs Gorilla Butter strain Sativa or Indica?What is the Gorilla Butter strain flowering time?Are Gorilla Butter and Gorilla Butter F2 the same strain?

Gorilla Butter strain info describes the terpene profile as containing Myrcene, Alpha-Bisabolol, Alpha-Humulene, Alpha-Pinene, Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Linalool. 

These terpenes give the strain its fragrance, flavor, and therapeutic effects. 

In appearance, Gorilla Butter produces long, narrow-shaped buds that are almost bright neon green in color, coated in a thick layer of trichome crystals and tiny bright orange hairs. 

The flavor and aroma of this strain speak to its potency. It’s enough to justify the Gorilla Butter strain price, and that’s before you even experience it. 

You’ll see what we mean once you’ve tried some for yourself. In the meantime, our Gorilla Butter strain review will tell you what you need to know.  

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Gorilla Butter weed strain attributes:OriginPeanut Butter Breath, GG4 strainPlant type50% Sativa, 50% IndicaTHC20%-23%CBD0.59% – 0.89%EffectsMood lifting
EuphoricFragrancePeanut butter
Peanut butterAdverse ReactionDry eyes, munchies, thirst, cotton mouthFlowering Time55 – 61 daysYield1-2 oz/ft² (indoors), 10-15 oz/plant (outdoors)Grow difficultyEasy

Gorilla Butter strain yield

Gorilla Butter F2 #12 is a THC dominant strain with enjoyable effects and rewarding yields. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. 

Though it’s not particularly difficult to grow, arming yourself with as much Gorilla Butter strain info as possible will help you maximize your harvest. 

Indoors you can expect an average yield of 1 – 2 oz/ft² (~ 400 g/m²), and outdoors you can look forward to around 10 – 15 oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant).

GG4 feminized seeds

50% Indica 50% Sativa

High THC levels up to 26%

Easy to grow in- and outdoors

Great relaxing, late-night high


Gorilla Butter strain THC content

With a name like “Gorilla Butter,” you can only assume it’s got some power. 

And you wouldn’t be wrong. Packing a potent 20%-23% THC content, this weed will give you a gorilla-style beating if you don’t show it some respect. 

A word of caution to beginner smokers: Approach with caution! Use it in moderation, and pace yourself.  

Gorilla Butter strain effects

Gorilla Butter strain effects

This weed may have a reputation for its potency, but it won’t have you going ape. 

The Gorilla Butter strain sativa side balances masterfully with its indica roots to deliver a high that leaves both mind and body in relaxed bliss. 

You’ll feel it almost immediately as a mild tingling starts in your head before working its way to the rest of your body.

Gorilla Butter strain effects are super inviting and mood-uplifting, invoking a sense of happiness and euphoria.  

A peaceful physical stone follows this cerebral contentment, leaving you relaxed but not completely couch-locked. 

You’ll be more sociable and relaxed, making Gorilla Butter weed strain perfect for enjoying with a circle of good friends. 

Its 0.59% – 0.89% CBD and robust terpene profile offer incredible therapeutic qualities that relieve cramps, muscle aches and spasms, joint pain, and inflammation. 

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of stress, fatigue, insomnia, and even appetite issues, you’ll love the Gorilla Butter strain effects.

Gorilla Butter strain fragrance 

The Gorilla Butter strain has a multi-layered fragrance that’s certainly contributed to its popularity. Its initial scent is peanut butter with hints of tea and lemon. 

Gorilla Butter strain fragrance 

Intermingled is the odor of fruity mint and a distinct peppery undertone. 

The Myrcene delivers a subtle scent of diesel to round off the strain’s divine fragrance. 

Its aroma is far more than a Gorilla Butter Strain review could convey – you’ve got to experience it yourself. 

Gorilla Butter strain flavor

Much like its fragrance, Gorilla Butter has a multi-dimensional flavor you’ve got to experience firsthand. 

Packed within these nuggets are sweet notes of creamy peanut butter and an earthy taste with a slight pepperiness. 

The diesel/fuel flavor from the Myrcene is especially pungent on the exhale. You’re also likely to taste hints of woody pine and a subtle taste of garlic. 

Download my free marijuana grow guide and start growing Gorilla Butter marijuana strain.

Gorilla Butter strain adverse reactions

As we’ve come to expect with almost every weed strain out there, you’re likely to experience some mild adverse reactions, and Gorilla Butter F2 #12 is no different. 

Firstly, there’s the dry eyes, munchies, thirst, and cotton mouth. If you’re a veteran smoker, you should already know how to tackle these issues. 

As for beginner smokers or those with a low THC tolerance, you may want to take it easy. 

Overindulging in this strain may lead to a drop in blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia, increased paranoia, or even anxiety. 

You’ll also feel a physical tingle, which some might find unpleasant. Always smoke responsibly and remember that moderation is rule number 1. 

Growing Gorilla Butter strain

Gorilla Butter strain seeds are unavailable in feminized options, so you’ll be dealing with male and female plants when cultivating. 

Before we get into the Gorilla Butter strain grow info, here’s a quick overview of the cannabis plant anatomy;

Growing Gorilla Butter strain

The females produce buds, where you’ll find those high levels of THC, while males produce pollen. 

Pollen is gold if you aim to fertilize your females, but that’s rarely the case in home growing. 

No, you’re after that bud – as much of it as possible – and those males have got to go. 

The first step is identifying which of your plants are female and which are male. 

Most home growers destroy the males as soon as their balls (pollen sacks) begin to show to prevent accidental pollination. 

It’s a task that requires some finesse, so consult with more experienced growers if it’s your first time. 

Alternatively, if you’re skilled at cultivation, consider replanting your males elsewhere and putting them to good use. 

Besides this, Gorilla Butter is moderately easy to grow. It’s content indoors and outdoors, as long as you care for it properly and give it enough attention. 

It’s similar to parent strain Gorilla Glue when it comes to growing, so keep the environment warm and sunny, and don’t overwater. 

Gorilla Butter strain seeds result in beautiful, medium-sized plants of around 30-60 inches tall, making indoor growing a pleasure (with far less required pruning).

Gorilla Butter strain flowering time

The plant’s gender will become more apparent during the growing cycle’s first 4 – 6 weeks. 

Gorilla Butter flowering

Male plants tend to reach maturity quicker, and you must remove them before their pollen sacs open and fertilize the females. 

Check on your plants a few times a day for the appearance of small, round pollen sacks on males and delicate, hairy pistils on females. 

Overall, Gorilla Butter (aka Monkey Butter) has a flowering time of about 55 – 61 days, so have a little patience because it will be worth it. 

Gorilla Butter strain genetics

Hailing from a long line of heavy-hitters that include Northern Lights, GSC, and White Widow within its lineage, Gorilla Butter strain genetics are nothing to be scoffed at… though often coughed at. 

Gorilla Butter weed strain is a direct descendant of Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue #4 (a relaxing 50/50 hybrid strain with a THC content reaching as high as 29% ) and Gorilla Glue #4 (a potent and pungent world-famous strain that redefines the meaning of couch-lock).

FAQs about Gorilla Butter strain

Is Gorilla Butter strain Sativa or Indica?

Gorilla Butter is a hybrid strain. It’s an evenly balanced strain of 50% Indica to 50% Sativa.

What is the Gorilla Butter strain flowering time?

With Gorilla Butter strain, you can expect a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks (+- 60 days).

Are Gorilla Butter and Gorilla Butter F2 the same strain?

It depends on who you ask. When you crossbreed two different strains together, the offspring is the 1st generation of its kind and is called the “first filial” generation (F1).

Gorilla Butter is an F1 strain. When we take two of the same F1 strains and breed them, the resulting offspring is called the “second filial” generation (F2).

Breeders do this to harness the better qualities of the strain. In this instance, Gorilla Butter F2 is created by breeding Gorilla Butter with Gorilla Butter.

Some regard it as the same strain in a new and improved variety, while others consider it an entirely new strain in its own right.

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