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How to grow weed at home: 7 Home growing methods

How to grow weed at home: 7 Home growing methods

When it comes to cannabis cultivation, growing in the safety and comfort of your own home is the way to go. 

Not only is it efficient, but it’s also discreet. If you want to know how to grow weed at home, continue reading. 

We’ve got 7 methods to help you achieve the best yields under your own roof.

Download my free marijuana grow guide and start growing high-quality marijuana at home.

Methods of growing weed at home

What is home grown weed?Why grow marijuana at home?How to grow marijuana at homeStarting with a single plant growUsing space bucketsGrowing weed in your closetThe micro growSetting up a grow roomHow to grow weed at home secretly:Using a grow boxUsing a grow tentConclusionFAQs about how to grow weed at homeCan you grow weed in your house?What’s the best way to grow weed at home?How do you grow weed at home without equipment?How do you grow weed at home from seeds?

What is home grown weed?

As the name suggests, home grown weed is cannabis that a single person cultivates in their own home. 

With the passing of more state-issued marijuana legalization, cannabis is a lot easier to grow. 

The introduction of different methods makes growing weed at home efficient and effortless.

Growing marijuana at home

When choosing how you want to grow cannabis at home, you’ll first want to know whether you want to grow cannabis indoors (like in a closet) or in your yard, where you have more room for larger plants. 

In this article, we’ll focus on indoor growing and how any new grower can pick up the skill easily.

Why grow marijuana at home?

One of the best advantages of growing marijuana at home is that it lets you have full control of every factor that affects the growth of your weed plants and the quality of their buds. 

You’re able to customize it to your preference, which means you can choose the type of strain you’re growing and the method you’ll use to cultivate the weed strain you picked. 

You can also optimize your grow operation by adjusting the nutrient schedule of your plants and the type of grow lights you use.

Regardless of whether you’re new to growing, the gratifying feeling you receive when the setup you designed yields great results is worth it. 

This sense of achievement is another reason why growing cannabis at home is popular in the cannabis community and why aspiring growers enjoy learning how to grow weed at home.

Home grown marijuana can also be safer than the ones you buy in your local dispensary. 

You control whether you’ll use pesticides on your cannabis crops when insects or diseases strike your garden. 

In general, indoor-grown cannabis plants aren’t as susceptible to pests and diseases compared to yard-grown cannabis, which is open to the elements (therefore open to harmful bacteria and opportunistic insects).

How to grow marijuana at home

How to grow marijuana at home

Growing your cannabis at home may seem challenging at first glance. It can seem intimidating, but it’ll get easier once you read my beginner’s guide to growing weed. 

In the guide, I cover the best grow lights and growing mediums for beginners. 

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I also break down the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor growing so aspiring growers (like yourself) can choose the right way to grow and grow like a pro.

My beginner’s guide is essential to anyone who wants to know how to grow weed at home.  

The guide factors in what setup works best for you. Things such as the types of grow lights you use, the growing medium you apply, and the style you choose require a certain amount of budget, experience, and space. 

Take hydroponically grown cannabis, for example. It requires experience with hydroponics and the knowledge of how to feed hydro-grown cannabis.

Below are your home-growing options:

Starting with a single plant grow

Growing a single plant may seem like a lot of effort with little return, but it’s one of the best methods for beginners. 

Grow single marijuana plant

Starting with a single weed plant means that you can pay attention to its condition, familiarizing yourself with its different growth stages and how to feed it properly. 

It’s also a great way to discreetly grow your stash since one plant is easier to hide than a bunch of them.

Furthermore, it’s inexpensive since you would only need to buy enough pots and soil for a single plant. Setting it up is also a breeze. 

After germinating the seed, you need to ensure that the seedling takes root and begins growing. 

Afterward, it’s just a matter of providing for its needs in each growth stage, which I also covered in my beginner’s guide.

Using space buckets

As the name implies, space buckets are a type of container that you can use to grow weed. 

Space bucket

However, it separates itself from other pots by providing a controlled environment similar to having an indoor grow room. 

It has a ventilation system that allows for proper airflow. The grow light inside the bucket and the film around its walls ensure that your plant gets ample light on all sides.

There are two ways you can acquire a space bucket. Either you can buy one for yourself (similar to how you would buy a grow box), or you can make one yourself. 

The latter requires more effort but is substantially cheaper than buying one.

Growing weed in your closet

Back then, before space buckets and other small setups took off, growers often asked whether or not it was possible to grow weed in a closet. 

Growing weed in your closet

Nowadays, it’s common for any home grower to have a closet setup that offers the same functions as a dedicated grow room but one that fits into your closet.

The other reason closet setups are popular in the community is that it’s perfect for those that don’t have enough space for their own dedicated grow room. 

It also allows for a more discreet way of cultivating cannabis. 

In my beginner’s guide, I covered topics about indoor growing that you can apply to closet setups – things like the best grow lights you can use and, more importantly, the best strains for indoor setups.

The micro grow

Micro growing is a type of setup that optimizes what little space you can offer to grow marijuana at home. 

Growing marijuana in tight spaces

Essentially, it’s a way for you to train your plants to grow flexibly in the space you can provide them. 

There’s even a bonus – you save space for other things, such as the drying room for your harvested plants.

To train your plants to grow a certain way, you’ll need to prune them, which means cutting your weed plants. 

You’ll apply high-stress training, which suits growers with more experience. 

I can’t deny how effective this method is when you need to compensate for a lack of width or height in your grow room.

Setting up a grow room

Setting up a grow room

There’s this misconception about grow rooms being expensive. While it can be true that setting one up can be expensive, it doesn’t always have to be the case. 

If you follow my guide on how to set up a low-budget grow room, you’ll find that you won’t have to break the bank to get your dedicated grow room up and running.

However, while making your own grow room can be inexpensive, you would still need to spend a bit of your budget buying the necessary equipment. 

It also needs a lot of effort to set things up, which means investing your time into building your grow room.

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How to grow weed at home secretly:

You’ll want to grow cannabis discreetly to avoid prying eyes that might want to take your stash for themselves. 

Besides that, growing cannabis discreetly is an excellent way to prevent curious minors from finding your plants and snatching some for themselves, which can get them (and you) into trouble.

Using a grow box

When it comes to growing pot at home, nothing can beat using a grow box. 

Like space buckets, grow boxes offer a controlled environment for your plants. They also prevent the odor of cannabis from leaking out into the open.

Grow box

However, what makes grow boxes a better option than space buckets is that they let you grow larger plants. 

They’re also quite versatile, with some of the best grow boxes designed with hydroponic systems. 

However, the one caveat is that it’s not easy to move around, and it sticks out like a sore thumb in your closet.

Using a grow tent

Grow tents are the solution for growers that want to have a grow room but don’t have the time to put effort into setting one up themselves. 

Grow tents offer the same functions as a grow room. In some cases, grow tents are more favorable since different sizes are available for purchase.  

Grow tent

You can even do a DIY grow tent if you want it to fit in a particular space in your home. To learn more about DIY grow tents, click here.


When it comes to finding the best way to grow weed at home, there are many options, and it mostly comes down to your preferences and what you have available. 

However, it’s important to note that while you can skimp on some things to build your own grow room, it’s never a good idea to be cheap when purchasing seeds. 

If you want the best yield possible, you need to buy the best at-home seeds for your indoor setup.

If you’re an aspiring grower, I recommend you purchase the best seeds for beginners, such as Jack Herer and Critical Mass, which are hardy plants that are very forgiving to new growers.

Growing weed at home is easy if you start with the best seeds and knowledge. 

Simply download and read my free Marijuana Grow Bible, then purchase the best seeds for your needs to get started.

Happy Growing,


FAQs about how to grow weed at home

Can you grow weed in your house?

You can grow weed anywhere so long as you follow your state laws. If you don’t know the rules in place, you can check out our states page, where we have a brief rundown on the cannabis law for each state.

What’s the best way to grow weed at home?

Overall, the best method is the one that works for you. You can grow a single plant discreetly and away from prying eyes with space buckets. It’s also an inexpensive option similar to using grow boxes. Micro and closet growing are best if you want to grow more plants.

How do you grow weed at home without equipment?

You don’t need a lot of things to ensure that your cannabis grows. The only thing they need is light. The other factors such as ventilation and the type of medium you use only make the grow operation much easier for you. We recommend you read our article about growing weed for beginners to understand what beginners need to grow like a pro.

How do you grow weed at home from seeds?

Growing weed at home is no different from doing it anywhere else. You’ll germinate your seeds, transplant them once they’re ready, and provide them with what they need throughout each growth stage. Learn more about how to grow cannabis from seeds.

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