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Mile High Cleaner: 15 Ways To Get A Better Hit

Mile High Cleaner: 15 Ways To Get A Better Hit

Mile High Cleaner: 15 ways to a better hit – how many do you use?

Cannabis is better than ever.

There are thousands of choices. Cannabis is cultivated for Terpene profiles, THC content, effect, fragrance, and flavor. The taste is better than ever! There is nothing so satisfying as the first perfect hit through a bong. For many it is the gold standard of cannabis ‘flower or bud toking’.

Bongs and Waterpipes
Enabling big, full hits with tons of impact, water filtration is, for many, considered the best bang for the bud buck. The impact is intensified while the harsh smoke is a bit mellower allowing for smoother hits. It is akin to drinking a fine wine or enjoying an excellent meal: there is exquisite flavor to be had in every toke.

After purchasing the best smelling bud, here are some tips I use to get the most flavor out of each hit:

• Use distilled water in the bong.
Tap water has chlorine and dissolved solids as well as more germs, microbes, bacteria, and fungus.

• Prepare only enough bud for the current session.
Reduce drying or going stale.

• Use moisture control packets.
The flavor really drops in dried out bud. Moisture carries flavor.

• Load only enough for a single hit.
That stale second hit sucks and has much less medicinal value.

• Pack it so it does not easily “pull through” but loose enough for good combustion.
This takes a little practice and may require a ‘packing tool.’ I use the head of a small bolt.

• Use Hemp and beeswax string or other lighting wicks to use less butane and preserve taste.
This is similar to a cigar smoker only using a wooden match to light a fine cigar. Butane will change the flavor and releases Petro carbons into the environment. Let’s reduce that as much as possible. For a multi-hit session, light a candle to reduce butane use even further.

• Do not suck the ash down, it dirties the water faster.
“Ash Catchers” work or get a DE bowler ashtray to get rid of the ash.

• More percolation may not be better.
Percolation churns the smoke and water. The more movement a smoke particle makes, the more it gets slammed around and absorbed into the water, not in your lungs where it belongs. If your lungs are healthy, you may not need any additional percolation.

• Never toke hard.
It may pull out the flame leaving butane or ‘wick’ smoke in your piece, which is not good at all. Grinding usually helps with a more even burn rate but packing correctly is key. Oddly enough, percolation evens out the pressures which reduces explosive splash back.

• Leave the last bit. Ninety percent of the effect is in the first part of the rip, along with the flavor.
Stop before the glowing cherry changes color to a dull orange as the combustible material has burned away and only the heated ash remains glowing.

• After the toke, clear the piece of smoke completely.
Do not suck it out, that will ruin the flavor of the hit you just took. It is better to remove the stem partway, so it does not drip, and ‘blow’ the smoke out. If you leave it in, that is where the “ring” comes from causing more stink.

• When done, cover the piece so nothing can fall, or fly, in.
A dead fly looks a lot like a chunk of resin in water. I have found four flies inside my Piece in the last year. I suspect there were many more smaller bugs. Don’t kid yourself, it is happening to you too. If you have never seen any bugs does not mean they were not there.

• Cover your weed, grinder, tools, and cleaning tray.
Dust and bugs settle everywhere.

• Just before the next hit clear all the old air.
The water is evaporating micro bits of stink every second. That trapped old, stale, or smelly air is not very tasty and detracts from the toke. Clearing stale air out lets the flavor through and increases detectable flavor. I blow this stale air out just before a hit. I plan on getting a CPAP machine to push uncontaminated fresh air into the piece. (Wow, I am such a weed snob).

Which brings me to the final and best way to get a great tasting hit:

• Clean your piece! Every day.
This will make a huge difference. The flavor of cannabis smoke must compete with the stench of the bong or pipe. If a whiff from your piece is unpleasant, then you will never really taste great flavor. To hit a smelly bong is like drinking fine wine in an outhouse. Rinsing is ok inbetween sessions during the same day, like using the same water glass all day. You would wash that glass to use the next day.

If it stinks, clean it. If it has brown chunks, clean it because, by all definitions, it is dirty. Start fresh and new because a million germs grow overnight in your piece. Would you drink from yesterday’s water glass? Maybe…but only if it took 10 minutes of shaking toxic solvents, like current bong cleaning.

Shaking and waiting is not how we clean anything else. Because it does not work well.

We Are Tool Users!

Until now we had not yet come up with the right tools, and effective bong cleaner* for cannabis resin!

From the lowly vape pen cleaning tool to a mighty water pipe cleaning brush known as a Bong Brush, Mile High Cleaner makes all the Pipe and Bong cleaning tools including the Magnetic bong cleaner and the right bong cleaning solution for any glass.

Get the Mile High Cleaner Deluxe bong cleaning kit with the Magnetic bong cleaner, the Triple Brush (our most versatile bong brush) and a set of 6” to 15” pipe cleaning brushes. The Deluxe cleaning kit comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so you get free replacement with any order. Even new products! This is a much better alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol for all your bong cleaning supplies.

Cleaning is the easiest and safest it has ever been and getting better daily.

Mile High Cleaner Natural Resin Remover
Made to clean cannabis resin with loads of brushes, magnetic scrubbers and 50 cleanings per bottle plus lifetime warranty on all the tools. The Deluxe bong cleaning kit means I can easily clean my bong more often for less time and money than ever.

It takes 2 minutes and costs pennies per cleaning, just like washing a pan in the sink using the right tools and an effective cleaner. No excuse for not cleaning it daily, just like doing the dishes.

Mile High Cleaner is:
• Organic, plant based formula
• Effective
• No odors or irritants
• Kills germs and bacteria
• So safe you could drink it!

No other bong cleaner comes close.

This effective, renewable cleaner is safe to use around pets and children and so economical you could clean every day.

Have a nice hit…

*At least 25-50 cleanings per bottle, and 2 minutes to clean using tools. Similar to cleaning a roasting pan with a brush, hot water and dish detergent.

About Jim Berry, Creator of Mile High Cleaner
Jim Berry was a Federal Contractor working with the EPA, OSHA, Dept. of Health, and Food and Drug Administration for over 32 years. Tasked with following Strict Health and Environmental requirements regarding chemicals, solvents and VOC’s including the Clean Air Act to reduce toxins in the workplace, Mr. Berry was responsible for over 20 million dollars in projects using VOC and hazardous waste protocols.

Jim got his medical card in 2015 and realized that bong cleaners were still based on the same toxic chemicals the government was trying to reduce or eliminate.

Jim has since become a staunch supporter of cannabis. Using knowledge garnered from his dealings with the government, Jim created many new items for the cannabis industry that have reduced both toxins and waste. Jim is dedicated to leaving the planet better off than when he got here. Though he admits this may be “tilting at windmills”, he urges us all to take up the standard and to leave the world a better place through responsible actions.

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