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GQ Apple Fritter

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Oregon Strengthens Cannabis Industry With Association Merger

Oregon Strengthens Cannabis Industry With Association Merger

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Oregon’s cannabis associations – the Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA) and the Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon (CIAO) – have unanimously voted to merge to strengthen the state’s cannabis industry.
The organisations have said the merger will create the “strongest force for advocacy Oregon’s cannabis industry has seen”.

As well as a strengthened organisation, some key aspects of the merger include maintaining a member-driven focus, a commitment to high-level service, offering regulatory expertise, net working and effective lobbying and sector representation.

Mike Getlin, CIAO’s Board Chair, commented: “This merger makes a clear statement that the industry can, must, and will stand as one.

“We are proud to stand beside our colleagues from the OCA and look forward to working for a better future for all Oregon cannabis businesses and employees.”

Hunter Neubauer, President of OCA, added: “With this merger, we embark on a journey that strengthens our ability to advocate for a thriving, safe, and respected legal cannabis industry.

“Together, we will champion changes our industry deserves, from modernized regulations to social equity and a stable licensure system.”

In a statement, the organisations commented: “As the cannabis industry faces a dynamic landscape with potential federal changes, the merger comes at a crucial time, providing a unified front to address the rapidly evolving needs of Oregon’s cannabis businesses.”

Recent data from Cannabis Business Times revealed that Oregon’s cannabis industry saw sales of $1.1bn in 2020 and 2021. The state is forecast to achieve sales of $952m for 2023.

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