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Prescription Blend Review

Prescription Blend Review

In 2007, a family in Oregon began selling quite possibly the only prescription everyone would finally be grateful to take: Prescription Blend was born.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Their main mission was and still is today, to “provide your garden with the highest quality ingredients in a way that preserves our planet”; even the packaging uses plain brown boxes to help reduce carbon footprints.

Used in Oregon’s medicinal gardens, the “organic, non-GMO minerals from biological sources and traditional ingredients” that comprise this phenomenal ‘medicine’, can be used in hydroponic, DWC, coco and soil mediums to exacting standards.

This complete 6-part nutrient kit is the “result of understanding plant physiology and biochemistry, good old-fashioned testing, and responsible gardening practices for a TRUE prescription grade harvest”.

Nutrient mixes are broken down weekly as development progresses, from seedling through week 4 of vegetation and of course, into flower. If you choose to vegetate longer, simply repeat the weeks 3/4 Veg mix. Similarly in flower, once you pass the week 3/4 feed, you will remain on their Long-Term Flower feed until harvest.

Amazing things come in small and in this case, large packages too! Nutrient kits are available in sets of 128 fl ounce containers as well as a smaller set which comes with a combination of 32oz and 16oz containers.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Photo: Krissi Carbone

The set includes a monstrous assortment of both macro and micro-nutrients that with an extremely straightforward and well-charted feed schedule, are just waiting for your plants the reach their full growing potential. Remember, what you give your plants directly affects what they give you.

I had a Bubblegum autoflower last fall who just couldn’t get through this bleak vegetative stage. I am a loving mother to my green children as I usually catch things early and/or am able to fix them relatively quickly. Not this one, not my Bubs. She was originally on the Fox Farm Trio + Bush Doctor CMAG, until I switched her, (and all my others), over to Prescription Blend in late October.

Within 13 days, she had made a complete 180. A plant that many told me to trash and give up on turned around to become an absolute stunner – all because of what some people call, the “best organic nutrients money can buy”.

Just how do they do it? Was there a magic potion stirred in a cauldron somewhere in the forests of Oregon? Was it actually secretly created by indigenous weed gnomes? Did my receipt of these nutrients alone transport me to a super weed ulterior dimension?

Photo: Krissi Carbone

With much curiosity, I researched. It was then that I knew this 6-part system was the ultimate game-changer to all things cannabis growing. Bio-Si, CORE A, CORE B, Big Data, Kelpful and Pre-Cursor mark the making of a grower’s paradise.

Bio-Si: Mixed first, used in all developmental stages except seedling
A silica complex liquid innoculant with plant derived organic/non-GMO amino acids made from multiple silica sources. Silica sources include rice hulls, but not just any old rice hull. Rice hulls that have been harvested after the plant has naturally accumulated this element from their environment with potassium silicate. Helping to increase stem strength to support heavy flower, it is designed to work with Pre-Cursor as they provide resistance to environmental issues such as heat and water stress. A broad and diverse spectrum of naturally occurring and beneficial microbes pack punches of both Nitrogen and Potassium while increasing cell wall rigidity.

CORE A: Mixed second, used in all developmental stages
Specifically optimized for medical gardens, an amino acid micronutrient complex that encourages cell division and rapid growth. Its cornucopia of cannabis goodness drives enzyme function to store and transport energy. Combining macronutrients Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, and Magnesium along with a plethora of fully chelated micronutrients, the variety of components naturally supports plants biological signalling in both flower set and root growth. Designed to work with CORE B.

CORE B: Mixed third, used in all developmental stages
A highly absorbable Nitrogen profile that allows plants to orient to capture light while building plant tissues. Nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium combine to provide all macro and micronutrients needed throughout an entire life cycle. Aids in creating building blocks for oils and terpenes. Allows for lush vibrant vegetative stages and increased flower mass.

Big Data: Mixed fourth, used only in flower stage
Changing the NPK ratio, it is a phosphorus and potassium supplement. Used in flowering, it is fully optimized for the needs of fast-growing gardens, (and works exceptionally well with auto-flowers for this very reason). It increases sugar production, aids in flower formation and supports fundamental enzyme function in flowering plants.

Kelpful: Mixed fifth, used in all developmental stages except seedling
Its combination of several varieties from the North Atlantic and Tasmanian islands are some of the world’s most prolific species. They are chock full of organic fulvic acids that support rapid recovery from transplant shock. The kelp is cold pressed to preserve its naturally active plant material components

Pre-Cursor: Mixed last, used in all developmental stages except seedling
A top-of-the-line metabolic booster that feeds root zone microorganisms. It accelerates plants jasmonic acid biological pathway. A Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphate supplement that can easily be used as an additional Cal-Mag supplement in and of itself when mixed separately.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

As with any grow, all plants are different. Identical is nearly impossible even with the same strain seeds coming from the same seed banks.

Each grow is eclectic in its own right. Some strains have different needs than others. I have had strains that needed more Nitrogen and I was apt to mix a separate jug for “special needs” and dedicate a 10ml of Core B and water to those asking for a little kick.

Relatively, a Cal-Mag issue is easily negated by a kicked up jug of Pre-Cursor and water; some extra Kelpful is also fantastic for a late flower Phosphate push!

Prescription Blend is intended for use per its feeding chart, but manual adjustments can be made; if you are trepidatious, feel free to ask your friendly Prescription Blend representative for assistance in honing a plant’s specific needs.

Able to handle the needs of multiple strains doing very big things at all different times in their development and doing it with gumption!

I consistently run multiple strains from all origins, be it indicas, sativas, or monster crops. No matter the phenotype, all I have to do is sit back and let this ‘medicine’ do its work.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

Not a single plant waivers at any time. Always healthy, always ready to work, and harvests that repeatedly go beyond my wildest expectations.

These nutrients are geared toward an advanced grower but can easily be managed by an intermediate or even novice grower. Personally, I was only growing for four months before falling in love with this product line.

If you would like to shift over to Prescription Blend mid grow, no problem! It is as simple as flushing your medium, letting it dry out and beginning your new routine!

It carries a price point that may seem more on the expensive side of the nutrient world but you are easily offsetting the cost with its low usage rates. This system’s sheer potency allows you to do more with less while saving money.

I ran 1.5 grows with a total of 12 plants before I needed more product. The customer service team has always been more than friendly with handling my needs for more nutrients and/or advising with any grow questions or concerns. Boxes are shipped out expediently upon placing an order and come discreetly to your door.

The bottles are easy to pour and come with measuring tools for ease of use. Be wary of course of any supplements such as silica that affect the pH of your feed; even with Prescription Blend naturally balancing between 5.8 and 6.4, a slight change to pH can render irreparable damages.

For increasing the quality of buds, the overall health of your plant and giving you grower’s confidence you’ve never known before, Prescription Blend answers your Green God prayers.

Photo: Krissi Carbone

With its overall functionality, accessibility to plants biological pathways, topped with its dedication to medicinal marijuana farming, Prescription Blend shatters the competitive nutrient market. Paired with its uncanny ability to deliver over and over again, it is a cultivator’s dream.

This “clear winner in quality nutrients” amazes, excites and cares for your plants like no other nutrient system. Once you go Prescription Blend, you’ll want a subscription and will probably start a trend.

For gardening so good, you’ll wet your plants!

420 Magazine Product Review by: Krissi Carbone
For more information: Prescription Blend

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