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Quizitri – 6 Day Lead Challenge

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The core of the challenge is very simple.

You create a simple quiz, and then run a small amount of Facebook ad traffic to it.

Not just any quiz, and not just any Facebook ad.  

A quiz and ad style that has been proven to work across MULTIPLE DIFFERENT NICHES and WILDLY DIFFERENT BUSINESSES.  

Key Takeaway: 10 new leads acquired in hugely competitive niche.

Skin care is a hugely competitive niche in Australia. So any lead is valuable. I generally sell products between $20-$50. Although, skin care being skin care I often sell products at a much higher price point. Not that it matters, because the Quizitri Lead Challenge has already got me 10 leads for a total cost of just $46.44. A lead for just $4.46! I’ll take that every day of the week, as I’ll have no problem converting that into a profit. Especially, as many customers tend to purchase more than one item, and often return multiple times to buy either the same product or try something new.

Better still, because I’m using quizzes, I’m now learning about my customers preferences which helps me tailor future offers to them, choose a more targeted inventory, and send them emails that are more appropriate. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty stoked! 

Key Takeaway: After getting 10 new leads from the Lead Challenge with next to zero effort Quizzes have become a full time lead generation strategy.

As a personal style coach a lot of my lead gen has come via social media and a little direct outreach. Quizzes were quite a bit different from my usual strategy, so when I decided to give them a go I didn’t know what to expect. I have to say I am really pleased! My clients pay either $499, $3000, or $55,000. So the fact that I’ve already generated 10 new leads is just fab!

I think it’s fair to say, the Lead challenge has convinced me to keep using quizzes, by simply doing what it promised to do, and that’s bring me more leads to grow my business. Thank you!

Tracy Hooper, Personal Style Coach 

Key takeaway: Getting a $1500 client for roughly $20.

Before taking the lead challenge I was chasing leads the same way as everyone else.

Adwords, networking, and cold calling is fine, but quizzes enable me to offer my prospects something completely different. By using quizzes I’ve been able to educate prospects without it feeling boring or preachy. Instead, they’re encouraged to think about what they’re trying to achieve, and the best solutions on offer. Obviously, I offer those solutions.

But the funny thing is many people are taking the quiz and discovering solutions to problems they didn’t even know they have. Which is why it’s no surprise I’ve been collecting leads for just $6.73. That’s incredible when you consider each client is worth at least $1500 to me. On average I expect to convert around 25-30% of the leads I’m getting. So that’s roughly $20 for a $1500 client.

Going forwards, I plan to keep using Quizzes to deliver educational material as an ongoing lead generation technique. The way I see it, I can produce a quiz in a few hours. Then get value out of it time and time again by using it to generate targeted leads, to test knowledge after training, to entertain prospects, and to gather data when looking for new product ideas. It’s already paying for itself. So what’s not to like? 

Neither Daina, Tracy or Stuart did anything special to get these leads. 

All they needed was access to the 6-Day Lead Challenge and an autoresponder to collect the leads. 

Then they fully committed to executing each of the 6 steps, and got their results. 

Now they have a brand-new lead generation tool providing fresh leads, hungry customers, loyal clients, and repeat business. 

No landing pages needed to be built.

No lead magnets were required.

And if they can do that, there’s no reason you too shouldn’t be waking up this time next week with an autoresponder buzzing with new leads, new customers, and new opportunities

The first thing that’s going to happen when you take the challenge is you’ll receive a welcome email. 

If you can read that welcome email and follow those instructions, you’re going to be 100% capable of completing every task in this course without breaking a sweat. (That’s a promise we’re so sure of that it comes with a money back guarantee.)

Day 1 starts as soon as you’re ready to go…

Here’s How You’re Going To Win

Ready to start off your challenge with a bang? We are… In this first step you’re going to see why Quizzes are so powerful, then we’re going to get you in the mood to attack this challenge with all guns blazing.  

As early as day 1 you’ll discover:

  • The types of quiz that boast a 96% completion rate.
  • Why you only need to set aside 4 hours TOTAL time to find success with this challenge.
  • What to do if things aren’t going perfectly… to make sure things go perfectly.
  • Plus, you’ll set your goals for the challenge and take the first step towards achieving them. 

Designing Your Quiz With The 4 Golden Rules

Now that you know exactly what you need to do in the next few days, it’s time to design your quiz. We’ll be showing you the best way to generate quiz questions that people can’t help but answer. And you’ll learn the secret to coming up with quiz answers that keep your quiz taker deeply invested in finishing the quiz and signing up to get their results. 

This is the longest and most thoughtful section of the entire challenge. It’s also the most fun. You’ll discover:

  • The 4 golden rules for creating a high-converting quiz in any niche.
  • Where to find questions and answers that inspire curiosity, engagement, and action.
  • Our top secret ‘ordering’ strategy for getting more people to complete your quiz and sign up for results.
  • Why the 7-3-3 formula is such a powerful lead generation tool and how to deploy it.

Now you’ve designed your quiz, building it will take 30 minutes… maybe less. You don’t need to put any thought into it: every step is laid out, numbered, and comes with a visual guide. 

Plus, you’ll be using the premium quiz software that makes all of this possible in under 30 minutes… we’re excited for you!

  • The exact steps needed to make your quiz eye-catching, target relevant, extra compelling.
  • Best practice set up for hiding results and getting the signup. 
  • How to set up your lead capture page to collect leads and deliver results.
  • Plus, a completely free recommendation and full walkthrough if you don’t currently have an autoresponder service. 

A Warm Welcome For Your New Leads

You wanted to publish a quiz online and now you’ve done it. And it’s only day 4 of 6! Now it’s time to set the stage ready to give your new leads the chance to purchase your products the moment they arrive.

You’re going to be writing the welcome email today. Actually, that’s not true. We’ve written it for you, you just need to fill in the blanks. 

In this highly valuable lesson, you’ll discover:

  • How to stir up a buying frenzy for your product or service.
  • Why ‘the visual aid’ and ‘the value bringer’ are about to become your secret sales weapons.
  • Why just about every ‘email expert’ is wrong about emails when it comes to quizzes. 
  • Plus, the ‘no-fail’ Google trick for delivering massive value in any email to get more clicks. 

Time To Unleash Your Traffic

It’s traffic time – and it couldn’t be easier, because we’re breaking down a Facebook ad format that is so-easy-you-could-do-it-in-your-sleep. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though. This ad format has been proven to deliver results.

With fill-in-the-blank templates for everything, all you need to do is follow along, do what we do, and you’ll discover:

Profit Today, Profit Tomorrow

Congratulations. You’ve completed the 6-Day Lead Challenge and your autoresponder is already filling up with new leads. Your welcome email is making you sales. 

All that’s left to do is make sure you keep those sales flowing long into the future. And today you’re going to find out how to do it. 

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to turn customers into fans, super fans, and long term buyers.
  • What almost everyone gets wrong about ‘value’ when it comes to email marketing.
  • The easiest way to harness the insane sales power of story-based marketing from your very first email.
  • Plus, a modern approach to email marketing that deftly side-steps the usual ‘Buy-Die-Unsubscribe’ strategy to drastically improve clicks, sales, and engagement.

When you take this challenge, you don’t just get the course and the support you need to build the ultimate lead quiz. 

You also get PERMANENT access to the software you need to build the quiz.

It’s called Quizitri. We think you’ll like it.

The fully-loaded version of Quizitri currently sells for $497/year… but not for you!

When you take the challenge you’re not just getting a blow-by-blow playbook for building a high-conversion quiz.

You’re also getting permanent access to Quizitri included in the low one-time price.

Just do exactly what we tell you to do when we tell you to do it, and let Quizitri do the rest.

Then after 6 days, when you’ve proved to yourself this works, you can start playing with some of Quizitri’s more advanced features and turn your quiz into a devastatingly efficient lead capture machine.

Here’s what you’re getting:

The Ultimate Quiz Builder

Whether you’re building a simple quiz or highly advanced lead machine it’s always easy with Quizitri. You create your questions, pick a template, and hit publish. 

Complete Template Library

Pick from over a large collection of pro-designed templates, and you’ve got a high-quality quiz ready to publish in seconds. No design work required.

Pro-Designed Landing Pages

We promised you’d be collecting leads in 6-days or less without a landing page, and these stunning landing pages are why. They’re already created for you. You choose your favourite, and we’ll host them on our ultra-fast servers. 

Done-For-You Opt-In Pages

No need to mess around with code or expensive 3rd party software. Just connect your autoresponder via the magic of 1-click API integration and you’ll be ready to collect leads. 

84% of quizzes are shared on social media making the viral potential of any given quiz truly remarkable… almost as remarkable as how easy Quizitri makes sharing them to Twitter and Facebook.

Mobile Responsive Quizzes

On the bus, on the train, waiting in the supermarket queue, during work, at the gym, even on a date… In a mobile obsessed world, the marketer who masters mobile, wins.

Once your quiz is over, you can redirect users to a purpose-built page to deliver their results, sell your product, or get more engagement, ensuring fluency of branding, happy leads, and quick sales.

Quizitri can send your leads to different lists based on their quiz outcome, letting you divide your leads into ultra-targeted groups and mail them just the products they’re likely to want to buy.

Use a call-to-action button on your outcome pages to direct people to the next stage of your funnel for an almost immediate ROAS.

Quiz styling makes sure you love every quiz you publish by giving you a huge amount of creative control over fonts, colours, and even your call-to-action buttons.

We promised you no websites during your 6-day challenge, but what if you have one and you gosh darned well want to use it to harness your traffic and get more leads? Embedded inline HTML is your answer. Letting you place your quiz almost anywhere.

Zapier seems to be taking over the online world, and rightly so. By creating Zaps you’ll be able to customize your prospect’s journey from the first question to your email list, and beyond. Now for the first time, your quizzes will be perfectly synced across all your most important online platforms.

Trustworthy analytics are essential to any successful business. So, we built them in and made them easy to use and understand, because if you can’t measure it, did it even happen?

Plus, all the key features we think any premium quiz software should be offering as standard…

like GDPR Checkbox and Compliance, Question Weighting, Quiz Branching, URL Parameters, Image Questions, Image Answers, Quiz Captions, and more…

It’s not an endless pile of PDFs and videos you’ll never get through.

It’s a roadmap with the exact right steps for building a powerful lead quiz, combined with premium quiz software that’ll make the build process a breeze.

Every step laid is out for you. All the tools you need to build your quiz, and achieve your desired results are included. If you get stuck, there’s support ready to help.

Use the course and the software together you’ll have the knowledge, the strategy, and tools you need… to create a constant flow of leads and carefully targeted buyers hungry for precisely what you’re selling. 

We can’t put a price on that kind of business growth, but we can put a price on this challenge. 

First though, we’ll make it completely risk free.

As a company we live and die by the success of our customers. 

And I’m happy to say we’re very much alive and kicking. And we’re so confident you too will find success during this challenge that we’re giving you 30 days to complete the 6-day challenge. 

That means if at any time during the next 30 days, you decide this challenge isn’t working for you, or if for any reason at all you decide not to continue, a single email to support@quizitri.com will see you get a full refund, no questions asked. 

If that sounds fair, here’s how to get started.  

Registered address:  60A Killieser Avenue, London, SW2 4NT

Company number:  09958949

VAT number:  252628112

  • How to build a cheaper, more responsive custom Facebook Audience from the ground up for just $5/day.
  • The critical anatomy of a high-converting Facebook ad for quizzes. 
  • How to use your prospects’ most dominant emotional state to craft a perfect headline.
  • Plus, get the single sentence quiz ad formula (… we promised you easy, and this is as easy as it gets. No one else teaches this, but we’ve proven that just one single, solitary sentence converts higher, and gets your quiz more clicks. Now our formula is your formula.

Joining the challenge normally costs $97 but for a limited time you can join for just $49.

For that you can create up to 30 quizzes, across 5 custom domains, collecting up to 10,000 leads.

It’s a one time cost that covers everything you need in terms of training, world class support, and permanent access to Quizitri.

And your $49 is fully refundable if you don’t get the leads you expect to get.

So really, you’re investing $49 for a full-time lead solution.

Like Stuart who was spending $20 to get a $1500 client, and Diana who was getting leads for $4.46 and then selling them products worth up to $50… and they’re not alone.

In our experience, if you asked most serious business owners if they’d be interested in a constant flow of easy leads for just $49, they’d sell a kidney if they were short of cash.

Because there is no business alive that can grow without leads.

At this point, you’ll find many businesses screaming at you that YOU MUST JOIN TODAY or this offer will self-destruct, and you’ll never get the glory, treasure, and adoration that you’re searching for. Yawn.

That’s not us. There’s no countdown timer on this page.

However, our intake is STRICTLY LIMITED to 500 spots.

Then the challenge closes for a time.

That gives us time to focus on the success of the current intake.

Plus, closing the challenge for a few weeks means we can update the course to make sure new users always get the very best strategies.

But it also means we can’t promise this offer will still be here tomorrow.

If you’re happy with your current set-up, then the extra leads and sales this challenge provides is nothing more than a bonus… a way to get more of what you already have. In that case you probably can afford to miss out by not taking action today.

But if you do need more and better leads… and you want them as fast as possible, then the best time to commit to getting them is right now. That’s not hype. That’s just a fact.

And the best way to do that is to sign up for the 6-Day Lead Challenge.

Q. How is the 6-Day Lead Challenge Delivered? 

A. The process is very straightforward. An email with your account login details will be sent to the email address you use to purchase. This initial email should take no more than 5-10 minutes MAX to reach your inbox. Once you have that email you’ll be able to login and begin the challenge at your convenience. The course itself is delivered via downloadable PDFs and video in module 6. All of which are accessed via your account. Your login details also provide access to the software you’ll use to build your quizzes.

Q. Do I need any specific software? 

A. We recommend you use Google’s Chrome Browser when using Quizitri, or at least a chromium-based browser. Any video will be delivered via Mp4 and can be viewed in any browser or video player. PDFs can also be viewed in any browser or downloaded and viewed natively in Preview on a Mac or Adobe Acrobat on a PC.  You can use your writing software of choice (word, pages, text edit, etc)  where writing is required.

Q. How much am I paying and is there a rebill?

A. Joining the 6-Day Lead Challenge costs $49. There is no rebill. Please note, during this challenge your account is limited to 30 quizzes, 5 domains and 10000 leads.

This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Clickbank, nor have they been reviewed, tested, or certified by Clickbank.

For Product Support, please contact the seller HERE.

For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.


We think the 6-Day Lead Quiz Challenge is a great deal combined with a great opportunity, and we hope you do too.

Sales tax will be added at checkout

“10 leads for just $4.46 each isn’t even the best bit!” 

“Quizitri is fab! I plan to keep using it” 

“I expect to convert around 25-30% of leads I’m getting from the Lead Challenge, that’s roughly $20 for a $1500 client

“I got over 500 hot niche-matched leads in just 3 days”

Quizitri is simple, fast and works perfectly in my quick test got over 500 hot niche matched leads in 3 days. I test a lot of products and very rarely do they meet my expectations, but Quizitri does and more. Top class product!

Carey Baird, Fresh Store Builder

“Quizitri makes it so easy I was blown away”

Quizitri makes it SO easy to create a quiz I was blown away. Not a quiz that just asks one question and always takes the entrant to the same outcome. Quizitiri easily allows you to create different paths and outcomes based on how people answer.

Think of it like this. People love taking quizes. Quizitri makes interactive quiz creation easy, almost like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book. That’s a good thing. A darn good thing.

Steve Benn, RewardLeads

“When the quizzes look THIS good it really isn’t hard to get people involved.”

Anyone that knows marketing will realise getting little (micro) commitments from your audience is a hugely powerful thing… with quizzes being one of the more entertaining ways to get them… and when the quizzes look THIS good it really isn’t hard to get people involved. Add ease of use and then segmentation depending on their results to the mix and… WOW! I think I might be a little bit in love with Quizitri lol!

Alex Copeland, RockstarJVs.com

The New York Times most popular, most shared article ever… was a Quiz.

The quiz was so successful it’s now a book! 

Closer to home, Buzzfeed have generated over 200,000,000 page views from their top 4 quizzes. 


So imagine what a simple quiz, that takes 5 minutes to create, can do for your ability to collect leads.  

Better still you can PROVE IT to yourself by taking the lead challenge and collecting a bunch of new, highly targeted leads in the next 6 days.

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