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Bomb ass weed

Categories: Growers
Ad Locations: USA
Currency: $
Condition: New
Warranty: No


Categories: Growers
Ad Locations: USA
Tags: gqclones
Currency: $
Condition: New
Type: Sell
Warranty: No

GQ Apple Fritter

Product type: simple
Product visibility: featured, rated-5
Product categories: Cultivation, Products
Product shipping classes: ken-4


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Rocket Seeds: Over 500 Strains & 20 Breeders

Rocket Seeds: Over 500 Strains & 20 Breeders

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Their seeds are feminized, regular, autoflowering, CBD and fast-flowering, and have high THC concentrations and yields, as well as distinctive aromas and scents. They also have good genetics and are resistant to pests and diseases, resulting in healthier and more fruitful plants.

Their offers and promotions are ever-changing and they also regularly add exclusive strains which are well worth investigating.

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