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Rollins Strain Information and Review

Rollins Strain Information and Review

There are few things quite as satisfying as coming home after a long day and lighting up a tasty joint.

That feeling of falling back into your favorite spot and just melting into your seat as your general concerns dissolve away is so gratifying. 

But sometimes, life also requires us to operate and get things done, and that’s where strains like the Rollins strain are a game-changer. 

Developed initially through Florida-based Swamp Boy Seeds, this rare sativa dominant hybrid strain combines Lemon Tree S1 and Nigerian strains and weighs in at a 90% sativa to 10% indica ratio. 

Information about Rollins cannabis strain:

Rollins Strain EffectsRollins Strain FragranceRollins Strain FlavorsAdverse ReactionsGrowing Rollins StrainFlowering TimeIndoorsOutdoorFAQs About Rollins StrainIs Rollins a good strain?Is Rollins indica or sativa?What are some grow tips for Rollins strain?

Rollin Strain

Being sativa dominant, you likely expect a rocking high that leaves you feeling uplifted and inspired instead of couch-locked and tired.

The Rollins strain may inspire all things happy, creative and delightful; however, don’t let its sensitive side deceive you, as it’s a sure heavy-weight contender packing a 28% THC punch. 

Rollins’ qualities make it a great choice for people looking to utilize cannabis for holistic purposes and a brave choice for those new to smoking or who have a low THC tolerance. 

From flavor to feeling, Rollins weed strain has all the qualities one would come to want from a top-shelf sativa.

It is no surprise that its popularity is steadily increasing.

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Rollins weed strain attributes:ORIGINLemon Tree S1 and Nigerian strainsEFFECTSEnergy
RelaxFRAGRANCEEarth, lemon, spiceFLAVORSLemon, spice, garlic, bubblegum, diesel, woodADVERSE REACTIONSCotton-mouth, dry-eyes, giggles, munchiesFLOWERING TIME63 daysTHC CONTENT %28%INDICA / SATIVA %10%/90%INDOOR YIELD1-2 Oz/Ft² OUTDOOR YIELD10-15 Oz/Plant

Rollins Strain Effects

The effects of the Rollins marijuana strain start with an energizing and uplifting high that brings on a sense of joy and even creativity. 

It’s the kind of weed that you’d want to smoke in the morning (if “wake-n-bake” happens to be your thing) before getting involved in an art project or heading out to see some friends.

It’s not all high-flying, though, as the high does plateau eventually into a calm, relaxing vibe, bringing you gently back down to earth. 

Rollins strain pot is said to have an incredible track record for easing ailments such as chronic pain, headaches, migraines, nausea, and depression. 

And with a terpene list that includes pinene (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial), limonene (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety), and myrcene (euphoria, relaxation), it’s no surprise why it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite for growers and consumers alike. 

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Rollins Strain Fragrance

As one would come to expect from such a high THC volume strain, Rollins weed strain buds are densely packed with trichomes, making it a sticky bud to handle but one filled with flavor and fragrance. 

Once you crush a nugget up, an earthy scent combination of citrus and pine presents itself, followed by a strong lemon smell (a quality attributed to its parent plant, Lemon Tree S1) and an aromatic spiciness that hints at its smokable flavor. 

Rollins Strain Fragrance

Rollins Strain Flavors

With its earthy pine scent, Rollins strain smokes just as smooth as it smells and invigorates your tastes buds to a range of flavors from the familiar lemon and mild spice to a surprising yet subtle flavor of garlic undertones. 

Rollins strain pot has a flavor profile that invites more natural elements.

It moves away from the bubblegums and diesels and brings us closer to the familiar woody flavors of forests and citrus orchids. 

The ten strains we’ve selected in this article are what are known as Indica dominant strains, meaning that they contain a majority of Indica genetics, but also have some Sativa genetics and properties as well.

Adverse Reactions

Rollins strain is an uplifting and engaging strain, making it a prime choice to indulge in with close friends.

The primary side effects are munchies, so be sure to have some snacks handy.

It’s also an invigorating strain, so prepare for a good bout of giggles.

Do not be surprised by sore stomach muscles the next day from laughing. 

If enjoying this strain with friends, you’ll want to prepare accordingly.

Of course, being the wonderful host that you are, you should look out for your more novice smoking friends.

This strain will quickly lay someone down if they come in feeling a little too brave. 

Overall, there aren’t any truly concerning effects or adverse reactions other than the common cotton-mouth and dry-eyes most cannabis fans have come to know. So have fun and smoke safely. 

Growing Rollins Strain

Growing Rollins Strain

Rollins plants likely grow tall and slender, so remember to consider that when planning your next grow and accommodate for the height with branch training when possible.

Another factor to consider is that it grows indoors and outdoors, producing large yields. When provided the correct amount of light and low levels of nutrients, sativas tend to be more nutrient-sensitive.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time for the Rollins marijuana strain is approximately 63 days, and fairly large yields are probable if grown well. 


Flowering Time: Approx. 63 days

Yield: 1 – 2 Oz/SqFt


Flowering Time: Approx. 63 days

Yield: 10 – 15 Oz/plant

FAQs About Rollins Strain

Is Rollins a good strain?

Well, the answer would depend on your definition of good. Does it help old ladies across the road? No… Does it recycle? Well, other than CO2, no, it doesn’t. Though, if by “good” you mean “delivers a crazy high that elevates you while energizing you all at once”, then yes…Rollins is a great strain.

Is Rollins indica or sativa?

Rollins strain is a hybrid of both indica and sativa but is largely sativa dominant at 90% sativa vs. at 10% indica.

What are some grow tips for Rollins strain?

Like many sativas, the Rollins strain requires nurturing and patience to grow. Sativas tend to have more extended flowering periods; however, they can be rushed along by increasing the light cycles, which reduces your eventual yield. 
Sativas also prefer warmer climates, so be sure to provide your Rollins strain plants with powerful grow lights if you’re growing indoors. Unfortunately, this does carry a higher electrical cost. Also, remember they can be sensitive to nutrients. Provide lower nitrogen levels if you see any signs of nitrogen toxicity.  

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