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Sierra Natural Science: SNS 203 Review

Sierra Natural Science: SNS 203 Review

SNS 203 is a multipurpose garden spray like no other. It is totally natural and organic. It is not harmful to humans or pets when used as directed. Best of all, it is totally effective on bugs of all kinds, and also molds and fungus too!

We have all seen that despite your best efforts to prevent them, problems still can appear in our gardens in the form of bugs, molds and fungus. Especially when growing outdoors where pests are everywhere, you need a weapon that is safe to use up until the day of harvest and one that can stop these problems fast and economically, every time.

SNS 203 is made up of pure rosemary and clove botanical extracts and is made to be highly water soluble so that it makes a great spray and can easily ride along with the water to treat a soil infestation by using it as a soil drench.

SNS 203 repels and kills Root Aphids, Fungus Gnat larvae and flyers, White Flies, Thrips, Miners, Mites and more. For aphids, larvae and other root based pests, a root drench using SNS-203 is called for. Adding SNS 203 to the water for 3 waterings seems to do the trick, causing the bug’s lifecycle to be broken.

Thrips. Photo: Shutterstock

Thrips and other leaf pests can be effectively eliminated with a series of foliar sprays spaced several days apart. The rosemary oil will coat the eggs so they can’t hatch and will dry out the active bugs, causing the lifecycle to be stopped in two places. The bugs don’t have a chance.

The clove extracts in SNS-203 are incredibly effective on mold and fungus infestations and can usually knock them out in one or two foliar applications. A few sprays into an area that is showing symptoms will usually stop a problem, sometimes before you knew you had it.

SNS 203 is a workhorse in my gardens and I keep a spray bottle mixed up and ready to use for daily touchups in each of my grow rooms, and I keep a big spray container in the outdoor garden. For just about every pest problem we see in our gardens, SNS-203 can help eliminate it. You can also be assured that SNS 203 is natural and safe to use, both for you and your plants.

Leaf Minors. Photo: Shutterstock

SNS 203 can be mixed with other Sierra Natural Science’s products, such as SNS 209, which is a lighter blend of the same rosemary extracts, that is designed to be applied once a week in the water from the very beginning of the grow. This sets up a preventative natural barrier to bugs from the inside of the plant, so that if you have an infestation and need to use SNS 203, its job has been made a lot easier by using the SNS 209 all along as a preventative. If you ever have the dreaded spider mites invade your garden, the nuclear weapon against spider mites, SNS 217c, is a very heavy concentration of the same rosemary extracts used in all of these products, and even spider mites have no chance to survive this onslaught.

Aphids. Photo: Shutterstock

SNS 203 gets cheaper to use the larger quantity of concentrate that you buy. It is available in handy single application packets that are environmentally friendly to mail and dispose of after use. Much more economical are the plastic bottles, starting at the pint size. I buy it by the gallon, which makes a very large amount of product, so I have no fear of using it often and with enthusiasm. For larger jobs, it is available in larger sizes and even by the pallet.

How you use SNS 203 depends on the pest or infestation you are fighting, and your medium of choice. Always shake the concentrate well to mix the rosemary and clove.

To use as a root drench, mix 2-4 oz. per gallon of water. Thoroughly drench the affected and surrounding area. In the case of aphids for instance, assume they have gotten into all the plants, not just the one you are treating. Drench them all, for three consecutive waterings.

As a foliar spray, mix 2-6 oz. per gallon of water. This is a wide range that depends on the severity of your infestation. Sometimes less is more. Experiment with this and see what works best on different bugs and infestations. Thrips for example, are tough. Spider mites are tough. Use the maximum dose on them.

Photo: Shutterstock

Hydroponics: In a hydro tray pour the solution over the roots and drain into the system. Flush the system after use.

In a bucket, soak the roots system in a 5 gallon bucket of mix for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and return to the system.

I have used Sierra Natural Science products in my garden for several years. When I realized that going after bugs naturally and organically requires constant effort, I saw the effectiveness of the SNS system. They have other products too, that allow you to naturally go after plant diseases and really target in on specific problems, but I have found that the trio of SNS 209 in the water, SNS 203 for daily touch-ups and SNS 217c for spider mites, covers 99% of the problems I have had. Bugs have zero chance of survival in my gardens, thanks to Sierra Natural Science.

420 Magazine Product Review by: Emilya Green
For more information: Sierra Natural Science

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