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The Best CBD Drinks

The Best CBD Drinks

It almost feels like it would be easier to list products you can’t find CBD in these days. Far evolved from the simple gummies and vape pens of only a few years ago, cannabidiol — famous for its anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties — can now be found in forms such as candles, sausages, dog treats and even pillows infused with CBD.

For someone looking to keep a bit of CBD’s tension-fighting power at their side at all times, simple treats or tinctures can fit the bill, but if you’re looking for a more unique, tastier way to include some CBD in your daily routine, our lineup of cannabidiol infused drinks likely has something up your alley. From sweet to citrusy, and sodas to teas and coffees, we’ve got everything you ever wanted to know about the best CBD drinks available on the market. Let’s dive in!

What is a CBD Drink?

Not unlike what it says on the tin, a CBD infused drink is a beverage, meant to be imbibed by humans, that contains cannabidiol or CBD. This easy-to-ingest form of CBD makes for a simple, tasty way to ensure that a wide dispersal of cannabinoids reaches your internal systems (more on this in a bit) — and, as in the cases of today’s best-of list nominees, provides an easily portable solution for dosing with CBD while on the move.


How are CBD Drinks Made?

Though the prospect of making a CBD infused drink can seem easy, the reality can be quite a bit different. The rational thought would be to simply add CBD oil or tincture to the drink of your choice, mix well, and sip — and that does work, to an extent.

The weakness in this thought, and what makes crafting your own CBD-infused drinks at home potentially tricky, is the age old wisdom that oil and water just don’t mix. While your freshly-stirred CBD tea might be fine if not left to sit, any kind of drink intended to be prepared ahead of time needs to take into separation into consideration.

To prevent separation, many modern drinks will use some fashion of emulsifying agent; though brominated vegetable oil was once popular for citrus-flavored drinks such as Mountain Dew, health concerns have given way to sucrose and glycerol-based alternatives.

Use of emulsifiers such as these are what make many cannabis-related recipes possible (such as our infused weed gummies recipe), and while emulsifying is certainly not out of the realm of the home chef, certain options such as carbonated beverages or drinks meant to be kept sealed and/or cold, can prove tricky to the home chef. Hence the following list!

What are the Benefits of CBD Drinks?

As mentioned above, CBD drinks can provide a tasty alternative to other forms of dosing CBD; rather than worrying about needing to wash out the taste of potentially potently green CBD oils or tinctures, a CBD beverage is an all-in-one solution to both dosing and leaving behind a refreshed palate.

However, CBD drinks can provide another potential benefit over other traditional edibles or ways of dosing. Due to the infused nature of the drink, the immediate bio-availability of the CBD is increased due to dispersion over a wider area; unlike traditional edibles, such as gummies or candies, CBD beverages don’t need to spend as much time being digested by your system. Less time being digested means quicker uptake with a greater availability to your metabolism — leading to CBD drinks being a definite winner in the eyes of many.

High There’s List of the Best CBD Drinks

Courtesy of Recess

Recess Sparkling Beverages

One of the biggest names in the CBD-infused drink market, Recess is a laid-back drink brand that oozes sophisticated style. Available in a wide variety of flavors, Recess may contain a slightly lower amount of broad-spectrum CBD than other drinks on our list, but also includes other natural vitality-boosting and stress reducing ingredients such as L-theanine and lemon balm.

With such a large range of flavors available, our suggestion is to check out one the Recess sampler packs available on the manufacturer’s website; a box of six includes one each of sparkling peach ginger, blackberry chai, pomegranate hibiscus (a personal staff favorite), black cherry, coconut lime and the zestfully-refreshing blood orange. Want to share? Recess makes it easy with a 12 pack available for shipping as well.

Courtesy of Zolt

Zolt Mix Sticks

As mentioned above, pre-mixing beverages meant to be taken on the go can be a bit dicey when it comes to cannabinoids. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to insert some CBD into your average bottle of water, Zolt-brand “Mix Sticks” might just have you covered.

Unlike other brands on our list, Zolt specializes not just in variety of flavor but of cannabinoid compounds; Zolt offers powdered mix blends containing full-spectrum CBD, pure CBD isolate, caffeinated and caffeine-free versions, each containing a full 20mg of cannabinoids. Flavors include a tropical orange, coconut, peach tea, and passion fruit — Zolt also offers an unflavored variant of their CBD isolate mix, for anyone looking to skip artificial flavoring agents.

Again, going the multi-pack route is our suggested option — Zolt has a variety pack of 14 mix packets available via their website that gives an excellent overview of their offerings, with two of each available variety included.

Courtesy of Vybes


Leaning heavy on its southern California hipster aesthetic doesn’t prevent Vybes from being a seriously tasty beverage. With 25mg of CBD-bearing hemp extract in each bottle, Vybes has a lineup of unique flavor combinations sure to entice any palate. From blueberry mint to a curiously-tasty apple basil blend, Vybes is not the cheapest option on our list, but definite one with some exciting flavor options available.

Vybes offers a sample pack for sale directly from their website, in either a six or 12 pack option and with a recurring subscription option to boot. Notably, these variety packs do not include a full lineup of Vybes offerings; if wanting to try out, say, blackberry hibiscus, you’ll need to order those and certain other flavors separately.

Courtesy of Mad Tasty

Mad Tasty Wellness Boost

Mad Tasty is a brand already well-known for their line of sparkling CBD-infused beverages (try the yuzu citrus and be unimpressed, we dare you), but for travel-sized CBD convenience, we like the Mad Tasty citrus elderberry and mango ginger Wellness Boost shots.

Each of these minuscule bottles only has two fluid ounces of liquid each but a full 50mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract; more than double the amount of most other full-sized drinks on our list. In addition to their cannabidiol content these shots also include ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, vitamin C and other natural wellness and immune system boosting ingredients.

For those curious, Mad Tasty offers a 4-pack sampler on their website containing two of each flavor; of course, while you’re there if you wanted to check out some of their sparkling soda options as well, there’s also a sampler pack containing one each of their four flavors.

Courtesy of Jeng

Jeng CBD Infused Mocktails

Though other CBD-infused mocktails do exist, Jeng is one of the few brands to go all-in on the concept, offering three different gin-inspired beverages to suit those looking for something along an “artisanal craft” vibe. Those interested can find homages to the classic Moscow Mule, with hints of ginger and lime, a Paloma, with grapefruit and rosemary or the classic “Jeng & Tonic”, Jeng’s spin on a gin and — well, you know.

With only 11mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract in each an, Jeng is one of the lower-dosage CBD infused beverages on our list but one that wears its all-natural ingredients proudly on its sleeve. Though Jeng lacks a variety pack offering on their site they do include a subscription for each variety, allowing aficionados to save a bit more on repeated purchases.

Courtesy of Harney & Sons

Harney & Son’s Hemp Division Sparkling Elixirs:

Though mostly known for their wide range of teas (including a few CBD-infused products), we’re a huge fan of The Hemp Division’s “Sparkling Elixir” line of sodas.

Each can contains 20mg of CBD. The elixirs come in three deliciously citrusy flavors — orange mango, a “tangy” lime, and yuzu with rosemary (also a staff favorite; we really like yuzu around the High There office it seems). Available in a single-flavor multi-pack of eight cans, these Elixirs are 100 percent caffeine (and THC) free, making sure the relaxation you’re likely seeking won’t be interrupted by other chemical buzzes.

Courtesy of Mood33

Mood33 Hemp Infused Herbal Teas

If wanting to stray away from the sparkling, Mood33 sells a line of canned herbal teas that not only taste delightful but also offer a hefty dose of cannabidiol to boot.

Available in four distinct flavors, Mood33’s herbal tea cans are both easy to drink and take on-the-go — though we do definitely recommend refrigeration for the optimal iced tea experience. The peach + yerba mate and watermelon mint were both staff favorites, and for those looking to add a bit of extra boost to their day the Mood33 “Energy” tea — a mix of green tea, raspberry, lemon and guayusa — adds in a hefty 133mg of caffeine, making for an excellent morning coffee replacement.

Though Mood33 does not offer direct sales on their website retail vendors can be found across the north-eastern United States, primarily in Maine, New Hampshire and Michigan. If you know someone with access to Mood33 on their store shelves, a care package of herbal teas might be a smart, tasty request on a gift-giving occasion.

Courtesy of Miraflora

Miraflora Sparkling Beverages

One of our top contenders for the slot of “best CBD drink” is Miraflora, combining a trifecta of excellent bullet points.

First, four unique flavors help fill out Miraflora’s offerings; though the lineup of peach ginger and berry hibiscus may not seem too different from others on our list, a lightly sweet flavor helps make sure each can of Miraflora refrains from being too overbearing or powerful in taste.

Secondly, each 8.4oz can contains a full 35mg of full-spectrum CBD extract; more than many other options available on our list.

Third, though, and truly sealing the deal, is Miraflora’s price. If wanting to give CBD infused beverages a shot, Miraflora comes in at a price point handily beating any other entry on our list, offering a four-pack with one of each Miraflora flavor at less than $20. If you’ve ever been curious about trying CBD infused drinks before, getting started with Miraflora can be a fairly safe bet.

Courtesy of Cloud Water

Cloudwater’s Sparkling Dark Chocolate & Strawberry

Ok, here us out here for a moment. Yes, this is water that tastes like chocolate. No, it does not contain dairy. And yes, it really is as crazy delicious as it sounds.

There are 25mg of CBD stuffed into each 12oz bottle of this sparkling water concoction, and the results are truly magnificent. Sweetened with natural wildflower honey, this Valentines-day inspired soft drink does legitimately taste of chocolate-coated strawberries, with a dark, rich chocolate flavor that lingers on the palate long after taking a sip.

Though Cloudwater does offer other CBD infused beverages for sale (the Arnold Palmer-esque “half tea & half lemonade” was a big hit around the office) the sheer uniqueness of this beverage can’t be passed up. If looking for something truly unique to try? Cloudwater has what you’re craving.

Where Can I Buy CBD Infused Drinks?

As CBD is not seen as a controlled substance throughout most of the United States, CBD infused beverages can often be found in a wide variety of places. Expect any smoking or paraphernalia-related shop — tobacco, cannabis, or otherwise — to carry CBD infused beverages alongside their other cannabinoid offerings.

If not looking to venture out into the big blue box (and frankly, we can’t blame you), many CBD infused beverage makers will offer their wares online. For most of our list above, a visit to the manufacturer’s website will often offer direct shipping to customer’s homes, and if not, links to an online retail outlet that carries their wares.

Wrapping Up

There’s no shortage of CBD drinks to try on the market, and the ones we’ve listed above are just some of the ones we think are the best available. The best CBD infused drink for you, though, is going to be the one you enjoy the most.

Have a personal favorite we missed on our list above? Let us know in the High There app what your favorite CBD infused beverages are!

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