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The Best Marijuana Strains To Try This Christmas

The Best Marijuana Strains To Try This Christmas

Ah, yes, Christmas. You’ve noticed the jingles on the radio, the tinsel in the shopping isles, and heck, you’ve probably got a tree in your living room. ‘Tis the season that brings out our festive side, gets us gift-hunting, and prepares us for a month of epic parties.

It’s here, and there’s only one way to celebrate – by lighting up some quality green to go with all that red and white. So put down the wrapping paper and pick up your rolling paper as you check out this year’s top strains to get you through the holidays.

Relaxing Strains: Take The Edge Off A Hectic Year

The holidays can be fun for the most part, but sometimes, they’re a little much. From intense social gatherings to hours of gift shopping, it’s understandable that you just want to relax. So, if you’ve had a rough year and just need a taste of calm after the storm, these relaxing strains will ease your anxiety this holiday season.

Triple G (RQS)
A strain fit for royalty, Triple G by Royal Queen Seeds is the ideal weed to accompany your cocoa and marshmallows as you wind down for bed this Christmas. With up to 26% THC and 85% Indica dominance, you won’t know what stress is after a hit of this relaxing strain. Plus, with its appetite-boosting qualities, enjoying the festive spread won’t be a problem.

Its flavors are a real treat too, with extraordinary chocolate aromas and sugary hints of berry-flavored hard candies, which quickly develop into undertones of spice and diesel. So give yourself the gift of calm and delight with this strain’s 550 g/m² (1.8 oz/ft²) yields of sparkling buds.

Blueberry Hill (Herbies Seeds)
Drop your shoulders and let out a sigh because Blueberry Hill by Herbies Seeds is here to transform your holiday season. Let all your seasonal worries melt like snow as the Zen master of cannabis strains soothes your spirit with its 95% Indica dominance and 26% THC content. Enjoy a happy relaxation while still being able to partake in the social festivities.

Reaching yields up to 650 g/m² (2.1 oz/ft²), let the shimmering buds of Blueberry Hill grow like silver decorations in your garden. You’ll know when they bloom, as an unmistakable blueberry aroma will fill the air, ready to tickle your tastebuds with undertones of earth and spice.

Wedding Cookies (Original Sensible Seeds)
Ring the bells and marry the incredibly calming effects and flavors of Wedding Cookies by Original Sensible Seeds. Another season-appropriate Indica, let the astounding 28% THC content knock your fluffy Christmas socks off. With enough Sativa influence to smoke during the day, this is the perfect medicine to help you relax while still feeling immersed in the festivities.

You won’t have to worry about running out of stash either, as the 700 g/m² (2 oz/ft²) harvests will surely see you through to the new year. And don’t worry about getting bored in terms of flavors – vanilla never goes out of fashion.

Energizing Strains: Tackle The Season With Full Force

You’ve handled this year well with all its ups and downs, but something about the holidays requires an extra oomph. You’ve got so much to do and so little time. These strains will give you the energy rush you need to keep up with your seasonal to-do list without downing a bag of candy canes or chugging the eggnog.

Moby Dick (Barney’s Farm)
Put down the bag of chocolates and roll up a nug of Moby Dick by Barney’s Farm for all the explosive energy you need this season. As a 75% Sativa-dominant strain with up to 27% THC, you’ll be thinking on your toes and handling the festive energy with ample joy to go around.

Not only will you be energized, but the clear-headed euphoria is just what you need to stay on the ball. Another high-yielder, Moby Dick grows an impressive 700 g/m² (2.3 oz/ft²) of sour lemon-scented buds with notes of vanilla and pine. So smoke up and get your fun on!

Monster Gelato (Monster Genetics)
Like Santa’s little helper, you’ll be running around all season with excess energy after taking a toke of Monster Gelato by Monster Genetics. You can’t go wrong with a Sativa-dominant hybrid when you’re looking for a strain that’ll boost your cerebral stamina. And with 26% THC, nothing will be able to stand in your way.

Nothing goes better with Christmas cheer than a dessert-flavored strain. The flavor profile of Monster Gelato is something magical, as the sweet gelato flavors transform from fruity bubblegum to refreshing mint. When it comes to yields, 550 g/m² (1.8 oz/ft²) is the cherry on top.

Blue Dream (Garden of Green)
You don’t have to bounce off the walls to have energy this holiday season, as Blue Dream by Garden of Green offers the best of both worlds. A 70% Sativa-dominant hybrid with just enough chill to enjoy both mornings and evenings, let the 25% THC take over your brain in the best way.

It’s called Blue Dream for a reason, as you’ll find out when you get a whiff of your dense blueberry-scented buds. Get ready for 500 gm/² (1.64 oz/ft²) of terpene-rich harvests sporting notes of vanilla, lemon, and sweet fruits, finished off with a festive pine and earth undertone.

Social Strains: Flex Those Social Muscles

It’s been a long year, and now’s the time to let your hair down and enjoy the Christmas spirit with your friends and family. It’s too easy to get bogged down by the events of the year, so all you should be focusing on is fun, fun, fun. To get out of your head and into your happy place this season, check out these potent mood-boosting strains:

Gorilla Punch Auto (Fast Buds)
Like a dessert on Christmas day, Gorilla Punch Auto will put a smile on your face as the endorphins of its 25% THC content hit your brain. As a well-balanced hybrid, your positivity will be infectious, boosting your mood and reducing social anxiety. Its effects are a positivity magnet.

There’s no room to be a wallflower with Gorilla Punch Auto, so get ready to party after you harvest 550 g/m² (1.8 oz/ft²) of gorgeous dark purple buds. Then, as you puff the night away, savor the festive flavors of creamy lemon mousse with hints of cinnamon that linger on your tongue.

Dance World (RQS)
There’s no being a grinch this year, as Dance World by Royal Queen Seeds gets you on your feet with its 15% THC content and 75% Sativa dominance. As its high CBD content soothes your aches and pains, gifting you bucket-loads of Christmas spirit, you won’t be able to resist dancing the night away with all your friends and family.

Give in to the Jingle Bells song playing on repeat and soak up the festive Christmas cake-flavored terpenes of rich fruit, pine, and spice. Don’t worry – you’ll have enough of this medicinal beauty to see you through the holidays, with yields reaching 525 g/m² (1.7 oz/ft²).

Californian Orange (Dutch Passion)
If you’re facing a social holiday season that requires your peak focus and high energy, Californian Orange by Dutch Passion is the perfect social lubricant. With its 26% THC content and 50/50 Sativa/Indica ratio, you won’t be able to stop talking as you enjoy the euphoric sociable high that this old-school strain provides.

But what’s more festive than social upliftment? Well, aside from the effects, you won’t be able to resist this strain’s all-American citrus terpene explosion. Enjoy the complex aromas and flavors of freshly peeled oranges as you jar up your impressive 500 g/m² (1.6 oz/ft²) yields.

Get Jolly With Herbies
Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the holidays. Whether you need an energy boost, a chill pill, or just some spring in your step, Herbies has what you need. Give yourself a gift this Christmas and buy the strain that’s calling your name, right here online at Herbies.

Note: This content is for informational purposes only and is not a specific recommendation or endorsement.

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