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Truffle Butter strain

Truffle Butter strain

The Truffle Butter strain is an indica dominant hybrid bred by THClones. Also called “Truffle Budder,” it’s a cross between Chocolate Kush and Gelato 45.

This spectacular strain sports a highly satisfying taste along with strong indica effects. 

Chocolate Kush and Gelato are both known for their delightful flavors, making them excellent for making concentrates and edibles.

We know this beauty is bursting with flavor, but what about appearance? What color is Truffle Butter weed strain? 

About Truffle Butter cannabis strain

Truffle Butter strain yieldBuy high THC seedsTruffle Butter THC contentTruffle Butter effects Truffle Butter strain fragrance Truffle Butter strain flavorsTruffle Butter pot strain adverse reactionsGrowing Truffle Butter strainTruffle Butter strain flowering timeTruffle Butter marijuana strain geneticsFAQs about Truffle ButterHow much CBD does the Truffle Butter strain have?What is the Truffle Butter flavor similar to?What is the Truffle Butter strain price?

These round nugs display deep shades of forest green, vivid orange pistils, and an abundance of amber trichomes. 

True to its indica roots, the Truffle Budder strain develops dense nugs.

This strain has a strong terpene profile that includes scarce compounds such as Ocimene and Terpinolene and more commonly known ones like Myrcene and Caryophyllene.

This unusual terpene makeup helps create Truffle Butters’s uniquely superior taste and smell.

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Truffle Butter weed strain attributes:OriginChocolate Kush, Gelato 45Plant type70% Indica / 30% SativaTHC21%CBD0.32% – 0.68%EffectsCouch-lock
RelaxationFragranceSweet caramel
BerriesTerpene ProfileCarene – 0.32%
Camphene – 0.36%
Linalool – 0.04%
Caryophyllene – 0.29%
Total terpenes content = 1.01%Adverse ReactionAnxiety, Rapid heartbeat, InsomniaFlowering Time62 daysFlowering TypeAutofloweringYield1-2 oz/f² (indoors), 15-20 oz/plant (outdoors)Grow difficultyModerate

Truffle Butter strain yield

Because this strain is a rarity, including its clones and Truffle Butter seeds, you’ll find very little growing information on it. 

However, you can expect a harvest time of about 68 days with indoor yields of 1-2 oz/ft2 (400 g/m2) and outdoor yields of 15-20 oz/plant (550 g/plant). 

According to the Truffle Butter strain info from some sources, it reaches a height of 30-60 inches either indoors or outdoors.

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Truffle Butter THC content

The Truffle Butter cannabis strain THC percentage averages 21%, but some strains have tested lower. 

Compared to most strains on the market today, this is a relatively modest THC content. 

While it may not knock you out or give you a severe case of couchlock, its 70% indica dominance still guarantees a relaxing high.

Truffle Butter effects 

Open any Truffle Butter marijuana strain review, and one thing becomes clear – this is not your typical indica. 

While most indica-leaning strains will have you glued to the couch before someone says “puff puff pass,” Truffle Butter seems to be more on the energizing side of things, which is fantastic, given that this strain is something of an aphrodisiac. 

Truffle Butter effects 

You read that right. In most Truffle Butter pot strain reviews, one of the top reported effects is arousal, so keep this one in your back pocket for that next date night in. 

It may be more energizing than your run-of-the-mill indica, but don’t worry – those indica effects you know and love still come through where it counts. 

This strain wastes no time putting your mind and body at ease and will have you feeling pain and stress-free in just a few short hours.

Truffle Butter strain effects also include guiding you into bliss and euphoria; you may even feel a bit giggly. 

As it works through the body, mood enhancement is sure to follow. Don’t be surprised to find yourself reaching for snacks – hunger is a common side effect of this marijuana. 

You’ll love Truffle Butter weed for the sense of happiness it brings. Your mind will calm down, leading to an intense restful state. 

Truffle Butter is a great weed to keep on hand for anyone experiencing depression, pain, migraines, stress, cramps, or PTSD. 

Its calming effects are also a wonderful way to rest your mind and body before bed, helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Truffle Butter strain fragrance 

Most Truffle Butter strain info suggests this beauty blesses consumers with an array of lovely aromas. 

Truffle Butter strain fragrance 

So, how does Truffle Butter weed smell? Consumers say it is a mix of fruity, floral hints. 

People also enjoy the smell of sweet caramel, notes of coffee, and even a chestnut scent.

Truffle Butter strain flavors

Like its fragrance, the Truffle Butter strain has a taste that makes this weed stand out. 

We know how good it smells, but what is Truffle Butter flavor? Similar to the aroma, the flavor tastes like caramel and coffee. 

Truffle Butter has the terpene Carene, which gives it those lemon notes. 

Because this strain is a blend of Gelato and Chocolate Kush, it has a nice dessert-like flavor. Many say it tastes like tart berries and chocolate-like sugar.

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Truffle Butter pot strain adverse reactions

Despite all the enjoyable aspects of consuming Truffle Butter weed strain, there are a few minor adverse reactions to keep in mind. 

Experiencing dry mouth is very common when smoking weed or using edibles. 

More than likely, you’ll find yourself having the munchies at some point during your high. 

Truffle Butter is used by many for restless nights, but some people had the opposite experience. 

They found the energizing effects kept them up at night, unable to fall into a good slumber. 

Until you’re more familiar with the Truffle Butter strain effects, it’s best to avoid using it too late at night. 

Although the Truffle Butter weed strain is one of the better weeds for beginners, you’re still at risk of experiencing anxiety, concern, or a rapid heartbeat. 

You can reduce your chance by pacing yourself and remaining in an environment where you feel comfortable. 

You should also remember that edibles hit harder than smoking and vaping, so be extra cautious if you’re going that route. And whatever you do – avoid driving.

Growing Truffle Butter strain

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about this strain. However, we know that Truffle Butter plants are generally small and can be grown indoors or outdoors. 

When growing indoors, the yield is moderate. Growers can increase the yield by cultivating the plant outdoors.

Growing Truffle Butter strain

It won’t be easy getting your hands on Truffle Butter seeds, but you’ll be able to grow this one from clippings. 

Most Truffle Butter strain grow info suggests it has a moderate growing difficulty, requiring some skill. 

If you’re still finding your green thumb, our grow guide will help you get your Truffle Butter seeds to harvest.

When caring for your plant, you must pay attention to its indica lineage, mainly its dense buds. 

Topping and trimming are great techniques to increase ventilation and expose the inner buds to more light. 

These techniques reduce excess humidity build-up, maintain overall plant health, and encourage growth. 

When the plants are well taken care of, you can expect to harvest within 68 days. 

Flowering Truffle Butter strain

Truffle Butter strain flowering time

This auto-flowering strain has a 62-day flowering time. Yet, some resources suggest that the indoor flowering time can range from 56-90 days.

Truffle Butter marijuana strain genetics

THClones created the mysterious Truffle Butter strain. This breed is a mix of Chocolate Kush and Gelato, making it an indica dominant strain with up to a 21% THC.

Chocolate Kush, bred in Spain, adds to the genetics of Truffle Butter weed because of its strong deep relaxation effects. 

Chocolate Kush is quite an easy strain to grow with between 14-28% THC. 

Truffle Butters’s other parent, Gelato, is a well-blended hybrid. The parents are Sunset Sherbet and Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

FAQs about Truffle Butter

How much CBD does the Truffle Butter strain have?

Truffle Butter weed has a significantly small amount of CBD, between 0.32%-0.68%. This strain is higher in THC content.

What is the Truffle Butter flavor similar to?

Truffle Butter has a flavor similar to sweet caramel, fruit, and even coffee undertones

What is the Truffle Butter strain price?

Several factors will influence the cost, including the form you purchase it in (flower, concentrate, etc.).

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