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Bomb ass weed

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GQ Apple Fritter

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The Blue River Stone is known as the most powerful stone to attract money and success.

Made from Lapis Lazuli, it is widely regarded as the ‘sacred stone of water’ in the ancient Kaballah times because of its cosmic rarity and unique water properties.

Found only in rivers and waterfalls that have been blessed with Archangel Sachiel’s celestial energy, its energy can magnify the frequency of a desire for money… more so than any other stone.

This is because the water energy from the Blue River Stone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures.

As an essential element of life, water is said to be a powerful life force and attractant of wealth due to its ability to cleanse and purify energetically.

Associated with the flow of money and wealth, the presence of this water energy can help rid your space of any negative energy that might be blocking your ability to attract wealth.

Having this water energy around you creates a passageway for money to channel into your life, like a river.

Furthermore, flowing water symbolizes money coming in, and the Blue River Stone’s immense affinity with wealth can help to cleanse and purify your space, making it more conducive for the accumulation of wealth.

Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians…to Kabbalists have relied on the sacred presence of the Blue River Stone’s water energy to ask for help to create new abundant realities where they could manifest their heart’s desires at will.

These desires were frequently connected to manifesting money in all its forms.

And it works especially well when that desire is to have money come to you in the easiest way possible…by winning it!

And here’s the best part…

Archangel Sachiel can help position you in the middle of his Divine Waterfall, allowing money to flow to you like water

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